>Hair, hair…gorgeous luscious hair?


A lot of people have asked how I look after Miss 6’s curly locks. I used to ‘look’ after it well because her hair was quite lush and very curly. But now, for a few months, there’s something horribly wrong with her hair. It breaks easily! So, bila I wash and condition her hair or brush her hair, punyalah banyak rambut dia yang got tangled in between my fingers and in the brush. It is really sad to see it. Maybe, it’s not much at all but with her hair being long, nampak macam banyak sangat2 lah kan. And she’s only a kid, so tak patutlah lah for her to lose so much hair yet. Takut pulak, tetiba dia jadi botak like Daddy one day, hehehehe…. Uish, jauhkan lah kan…..

So, I am changing the way I’m taking care of her hair now to stop the breakage. I’m not going to overdo it.

I used to use just Pears which is so cheap or Palmolive Macadamia shampoo and conditioner on her and it worked quite well on her hair. Tak banyak yang gugur and didn’t disturb her curls. But then I tukar guna Sunsilk and Pantene for dry/damaged hair when her hair started getting a bit dry (probably from the weather or the swimming pool or too much hair washing). I thought bila guna shampoo khas untuk hair damage, her hair will get better lah kan. But I think, it’s not doing much good on her hair because it looks like it’s drying her hair more. Lagi banyak hair damage ada lah I rasa! Probably, it’s too harsh on her hair.

And I also used to use hair brush for her hair which suited her curls. But I think I might have used it passed its ‘used by’ date kot sebab the hairbrush looks really worn out and might have contributed to the hair loss (by pulling the hair masa I brush it and not massaging her scalp).

And for a few years, I’ve been using Pantene leave-in conditioner for her hair every time lepas dia mandi while her hair is still damp. It’s been quite good sebab it helps reduce the tangles so senang lah sikit I nak brush her hair. But it doesn’t help kalau I letak masa hair dia kering, it just makes it so frizzy and ala2 afro aje. But it’s got so much chemicals and silicone in it.

So, I’ve totally changed everything. I’m going to start using organic-type shampoo and conditioner (or as close to organic as I can get without SLS or a lot of chemicals and silicone-free conditioner). I’m just going to use the basic shampoo and conditioner instead of specific ones for dry/damaged hair or for curls. And I’m not to over wash her hair, maybe twice a week max sebab the more you wash your hair, the more your hair will be stripped off its essential oils. Maybe tu pasal her hair is dry, sebab everytime I tengok her hair dry, I pi basuh rambut dia lagi, hehehe…

I’ve thrown away her old brush and now just use a wide-toothed comb and my fingers to untangle her hair. And I’m using a leave-in conditioner specially for curls called Rapid Curls which doesn’t have that much chemicals nor silicone after every shower.

And I have to make sure that she has her fish oil everyday because it’s good for your hair :-). She normally has it everyday but we all ni selalu terlupa nak give it out.

Hopefully, her hair will get better in a month time and she’ll regain her gorgeous locks again :-). I mean, she hasn’t lost her locks, she still has nice curly locks but I guess since I yang hari2 look after her hair, I can see the difference between now and before. And hopefully, if all goes well, by Raya time, she’ll get her gorgeous hair back so bolehlah bergaya masa Raya nanti, hahahahaha…..

Asyik sangat cerita pasal hair, I nearly forgot to tayang our dinner tonite. What a surprise, we had rice again tonite :-). Muka Miss 11 teramatlah tak laratnya bila dia nampak nasi on her plate. She’s a ‘once-a-week-rice-menu’ kind of girl. Terkulat2 dia nak menghabiskan nasi dia tadi, hehehe.



Sweet and sour Ling fillet. The Other Half kata, he doesn’t mind makan rice again sebab lauk sweet sour ni jauh beza dengan sardin tu, hikhikhik…..


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