>From Mummy to Mum


I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way but I do. What am I feeling? A mixed emotion of sadness and happiness I guess. Sad sebab I know it’s a small step to being independent and an adult. Happy sebab my kid is getting older 🙂 (which means, so am I! hehehehe).

We are talking about Miss 11 here. Her transition from calling me Mummy to Mum and calling The Other Half Daddy to Dad. She’s been trying it for ages now but I resisted her attempt. Setiap kali dia panggil I Mum, I akan buat2 tak dengar aje, hikhikhik. But The Other Half tak kisah sebab for Mat Saleh, it’s a part of growing up. It’s their way to change from calling their parents Mummy and Daddy to Mum and Dad when they are in upper primary lebih kurang. I guess for them, only kids/babies/toddlers use the term Mummy and Daddy. Once they are in high school and become adults, memang lah takde sorang pun yang still panggil Mummy & Daddy ni, hehehe. Unlike kat M’sia kan, where you still call your parents Mummy and Daddy (for people yang guna this terms) sampai bila2 :-). I know a few people yang sampai dah beranak pinak pun still call their parents Mummy and Daddy. I guess it’s up to the individuals lah kan with what they are comfortable with.

Anyway….For the past few days, Miss 11 memang dah hari2 akan panggil I Mum and I think I can’t ignore her anymore or buat2 tak dengar kan :-). I guess it’s her way of showing that she’s not a kid anymore so I guess I have to resign myself to accept the inevitable, being called Mum by Miss 11 from now on. I find it a bit awkward too when I hear the word Mum sebab macam dia panggil orang lain aje and not me. Apalah I ni kan, hikhikhik. The Other Half relaxed aje bila Miss 11 panggil dia Dad instead of Daddy sebab dia kata dia lagi suka kena panggil Dad. Ye lah, dia Mat Saleh, I ni Jawa, tu yang lain! 😀

I can still remember how she used to call me Mama, sebab masa dia baby dulu, dia tak boleh sebut Mummy. Even though, hari2 I bahasakan diri I Mummy, she still called me Mama (masa tu kat M’sia kan so lidah Jawa dia tebal lagi lah, muahahaha). Until one day, out of the blue, I heard, “Mummy! Mummy!” coming out of her mouth. Masa tu, my otak still tak compute lagi yang she said Mummy instead of Mama. But then it clicked and I was so shocked but so excited at the same time, hehehehe. I was like, “did I hear Mummy?” Terus rasa nak menari nari masa tu, hahahaha.

But now….sob sob sob…….. I am a Mum instead of a Mummy :-(. As long as she doesn’t shorten it anymore, I’m happy. Mana lah tau kan, dia dah rasa tak best nak panggil I Mum, dia shorten it to M aje ke, hahahaha…… But luckily Miss 6 masih lagi suka panggil I Mummy so lega lah sikit, hikhikhikhik….

I wonder when will Miss 6 start calling me Mum? 😀

And now sebelum I terlupa lagi, our dinner tonite, fries with meatballs in a mixed up sauce with garlic bread and greens. I ingat nak buat alfredo pasta makan dengan meatballs. Meatballs tu I dah lama buat, tinggal reheat aje. But kat rumah ni, kureng sikit lah dengan alfredo sauce ni. So, tu yang I tambah sikit tomato paste and mushroom and capsicum into the Leggo’s alfredo pasta sauce. Tu yang kaler dia jadi pinkish orangey sikit, hehehehe.



Ada yang terliur tengok meatballs I ni? 😉


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