>Kenangan bersekolah


Hari ni The Little Misses brought home their class photos that were taken a while back. Kat sini, every year ada class photos and you can choose to buy the package provided. Sama ada tak nak beli, or nak beli gambar kelas aje, or nak beli gambar kelas and all the students’ photos taken individually or beli gambar kelas+all students+gambar our kid in different sizes. We all pun ambik lah the last package for both of them. Miss 11 sebab this is her last year at primary school, so adalah memento of her friends. And bila dah ambik the full package for Miss 11, Miss 6 pun kena lah bagi sama kan :-).

Ini gambar their classmates and them.

100630 School Photo Alya 1-1

Miss 11 and her classmates. Yang pakai baju biru gelap tu semua in the same year as her, Year 7. Itu baju ‘leavers’ diaorang. Every student in their final year of school will have a t-shirt with their names in the back and the year they leave school in the front (I think kat semua sekolah buat macam ni.). Yang pakai uniform sekolah tu pulak in Year 6. She’s the smallest in her class, memang jauh beza betul dengan budak2 yg lain, hehehe. Kalau kena beratur from paling pendek to paling tinggi, dia memang yang kat depan sekali lah (sama macam Mummy dia masa kat sekolah dulu, muahahahaha).

Her class is a mixed class, Year 6 & 7 class. Diaorang belajar syllabus berbeza even though they are in the same class, kesian jugak kat cikgu dia kan :-). But it worked really well.

100630 School Photo Zahra 1-1

Miss 6 and her classmates. Macam kelas kat negara Asia aje kan sebab her classmates ni majority Asians, hehehehe. Miss 6 pulak has 2 teachers, sorang ajar on Monday and Tuesday and sorang lagi ajar on Wednesday-Friday. But they communicate with each other so well so if anything happens, both teachers will know about it lah.

And ini pulak gambar The Little Misses individually 🙂

100630 School Photo Zahra 3-1   100630 School Photo Alya 3-1

Masa ambik gambar ni, they were asked to smile showing their teeth, hehehehe.Nasib baik lah tak menyeringai dua2 :-). Dalam gambar ni, their hair is so reddish brown, mesti dah di photoshopped kan! hahahahaha…

And ini pulak our sempoi dinner tonite sebab I tak tau nak masak apa dah.



Mee goreng dengan chicken nuggets. Sempoi kan! 🙂


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