We went to Target tadi sebab starting from Thursday hari tu, Target buat their biggest Toy Sale. But tak sempat2 nak pergi Target until today. We knew that the toy that we were looking for would have been sold out so quickly on that Thursday itself, but we still went there anyway to go to their ‘raincheck’ counter.

I ingat lagi masa I awal2 sampai OZ dulu (zaman tok hek dulu), when my Aussie coursemates said to me, “can I take a raincheck on that?”, I akan terpinga2 because for the life of me, I had no idea what that meant. I was saying to myself, “what is it about Aussie and rain ni and why do they have to check on the rain?” Punyalah pening kepala I pikir pasal ni, hahahahaha. Until I asked a friend of mine what raincheck means, baru lah eden paham maksudnya! hikhikhik…..

To people who are not familiar with that saying, raincheck loosely means ‘to do it another day’. For example, when you invite a friend out for coffee you belanja and the friend says, “I’m so sorry but I’m really busy today but I’ll take a raincheck on that.” What she/he meant is that she/he would love to go out with you for coffee another time and she/he will definitely one day take up on your offer to belanja them. Selalunya, they’ll come up to you one day when they are less busy and say, “Is that coffee offer still on? Do you want to go now?” Hehehehe….

But I think other countries use this raincheck term jugak kan, not just kat OZ…

Anyway, so tadi we all pun pergilah ke the ‘raincheck’ counter and put our names on the toys yang dah sold out tu. What they’ll do is that they’ll take our details and the details of the toys we want and then when they get their next shipment of the toys, they’ll give us a call and we buy the toy dengan harga masa sale itu which is 50% off the RRP. Which is so cool right! :-). At least, when they do like this, orang tak lah marah bila the sale items they want are sold out. But they don’t do it all the time, cuma on mega sale days like Toy Sale ni. Sometimes bila diaorang buat sale benda2, you can see on the catalogue on the fineprint, ‘no raincheck on these items’. That means they won’t take raincheck order kalau dah sold out. They’ll say to you, “sapa suruh datang lambat sangat, kan padan muka dah habis!” Hehehehe….

But tak tau lah bila we’ll get the toys that we’ve ordered ni, the lady said probably mid to late September! Lama giler kan but ok lah tu sebab boleh lah jadi hadiah Raya, hehehe.

Dolu2, memang pening nak paham the Aussies and the unique words and sayings that they use but now, dah terer I, kahkahkahkah….. Cuma bila balik M’sia lah I have to make sure that I don’t use the OZ sayings sebab tak ramai yg paham OZ-talk ni unlike American-talk which ramai yang paham :-).

Malam ni, I masak 2 jenis dinner sebab The Other Half nak makan scrambled eggs and sausages for dinner and I maleh beno nak makan benda2 ni. I pun masak lah kuey teow goreng untuk I. Sebab I yang jadi chef kan, so tak kisah lah kalau chef mengada2 nak makan benda lain dari yang lain, hehehe


Ini dinner The Other Half and The Little Misses, breakfast for dinner.


Ini dinner I, kuey teow udang goreng.


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