>Sunny Sunday in Winter


No one would be believe that it’s still Winter today sebab it was such a gorgeous day. It got up to 23°C tengah hari tadi! The only sign that it was still Winter was pagi2 buta tadi, it was so d**n cold, around 4°C! I guess this is what happened when there’s no cloud cover to  regulate the temperature, so cold in the morning but hot during the day. But, this gorgeous weather won’t last long because they are predicting rain for a week starting esok.

And as usual, bila the weather is nice at the weekend, we all keluar jalan2. We went ‘fishing’ today :-). What did we catch? Nothing! hehehehe. Alah, we all pergi fishing pun bukan sebab nak catch fish, saje je nak bagi The Little Misses and The Other Half main2 dengan rod and line and for me to play with my Canon. I don’t think we know what to do with a fish if we ever caught one, hikhikhik… I’m not sure if The Other Half tau macam mana nak siang ikan :-). Even masa kat Denham cuti2 hari tu, The Little Misses and The Other Half did catch some fish but they threw them back into the water sebab no one’s going to eat them :-).

Layan lah some photos I took today.


Orang lain mengail, dia mengaup :-).


Here fishy fishy fishy………..


Tak main lah rod ni, pakai hand line aje lagi best 🙂


Come here Black Swan… closer…closer….closer…….


Sejak duduk WA ni, macam dah lali bila jumpa black swan ni sebab they are everywhere. But bila guests from M’sia excited sangat2 dapat jumpa black swan ni, baru lah tersedar sekejap yang they are quite unique actually :-).

Even though tak dapat tangkap ikan after 2 hours of ‘fishing’, but I could still do some ‘magic’ and made gulai ikan for dinner, hehehehe. Terer betul I, wakakaka…..

The Other Half nak sangat2 makan kari for dinner malam ni. But then bila I geledah my magic freezer, baru lah I terperasan yang takde stock ayam nor daging untuk di buat kari! Minced beef, chicken burger, chicken nuggets, sausages ada lah but I don’t feel like making curry out of them! Lepas geledah lagi, I found some fish fillet and prawns and a bit of chicken thigh fillet, enough to make gulai ikan+udang and butter chicken for the kids. The Other Half ni tak minat sgt kari ikan but gulai ikan dia minat lah jugak :-).


Kat sini daun pisang teramatlah mahalnya kan so pakai pinggan ala2 daun pisang pun jadi lah, untuk buat nostalgia kedai mamak, hahahaha….. Lauk we all hari ni is gulai seafood, butter chicken and cauliflower+potato+bende goreng.


Saje je tunjuk dekat2 sikit so lagi senang nak nampak udang berenang2 tu, hikhikhik….

And ini pulak muffins yang I buat pagi tadi for The Little Misses to take to Sunday School. I made choch chips banana muffins, recipe from here but I tambah cocoa powder sikit sebab nak bagi lagi chocolatey. Memang laju aje lah lesapnya bila dihidangkan kat budak2 :-).


Muffins I tak merekah cantik tapi naik jugak lah membukit :-).


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