>conversation between Mummy and daughter


The conversation I had with Miss 6 tadi.

Miss 6: Mummy, do you know when people get married….

Mummy: Yessss….. (Oh shivers! Please don’t let this conversation go anywhere where I don’t want it to go!!!!)

Miss 6: Do they have to, you know, marry someone born in the same month?

Mummy: No, but why do you asked that?

Miss 6: Oh, because you know how Daddy and you have got birthdays both in July. I thought you have to marry someone that has the same birthday month as you.

Mummy: Hehehehe…..

Lega I sebab it’s not that kind of conversation. Then she sambung balik…

Miss 6: Mummy, you know when a boy marries a girl….

Mummy: Yess….. (Oh heck! please please please, don’t go there……..)

Miss 6: And they have kids…

Mummy: Yessssss……. (Oh definitely heck heck heck!)

Miss 6: And the kids have surnames right… do they have to take the Dad’s name?

Mummy: In most cultures they do but in some cultures they take their Mum’s surname.(phew….it’s that kind of question 😀).

Miss 6: Oh, that’s why I have Daddy’s surname.

I don’t know what brought it up though, this talk about marriage, hahahahahaha… (You are still wayyyyyyyy too young to be thinking about it, Miss!)

For dinner tonite, I made baked paprika chicken drumsticks, makan dengan dumplings and steamed veges. The dumplings I baked in the oven, in the same tray as the drumsticks so they’ll soak up the juice form the chicken. Dumplings ni lebih kurang scones lah.



Yang macam tahu tu are the dumplings/scones. Cantik tak my corelle plate ni? hikhikhikhik….

Yang in pulak masa they were still in the ovenware. I know they look a bit messy :-).


Tu yang I ambik gambar selalu nya bila dah plate it nicely instead of when they are in the tray, heheheh…..


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