>Innocence lost….


We were watching David Attenborough’s nature show on TV tonite on reptiles when suddenly someone said, “Eugh! Is that where eggs come out from? The bottom?” The other three just giggled and I had to be the one to tell her the truth of where eggs come out from.Then she said, “More euwww! So chicken’s eggs come out from there as well?” And I once again had to be the truth bearer and said, “yes….” Then she said, “Euwwww… I’m not going to eat any more eggs after this!

Kesian dia, selama2 ni dia ingat agaknya eggs tu timbul magically inside the egg cartons kot or factory-made, hahahahaha. What I think is going on is that she knows that she’s been eating chicken eggs so they have to come from chickens, but beyond that, she doesn’t care enough to ask how the eggs come out fo the chicken, hehehe. She probably thought there’s a special hole in the chicken’s body somewhere close to the wings or the tummy where the eggs come out from kan :-D.

Hmmmmm…. do you think I should masak frittata or scrambled eggs esok to see if she will eat it? Kejam betul Mummy dia ni kan, hikhikhik….

The Other Half sighed afterwards saying, “there goes her innocence…….” Muahahahhahaha……

Miss 11 has already lost her ‘innocence’ at school where they have a special class for the Year 6s and Yr 7s to explain abouth the human body and the birds and the bees using terms that they can understand. Phew, lega Makcik, tak payah jenuh susah payah nak explain ke dia, hehehehe.

But after the show, I saw Miss 11 nak bisik2 ke telinga adik dia so probably dia nak cerita pasal tu lah kan :-).

That’s why sometimes I don’t like watching nature shows because  biasalah kan balik2 mesti lah pasal survival, eating, procreation, being born and then dying, hehehehe…..

Nasib baik, she watched it after we’ve had dinner, kalau tak, mau lah terbantut selera dia kan! ;-D.

Malam ni, we had lasagna and salad for dinner. Dah lama jugak I tak buat lasagna ni sebab leceh sikit nak kena buat the meat sauce, then the bechamel sauce and then nak layer the sheets lagi, pastu nak bakar lagi. Bila mood rajin datang, baru lah I buat.



Our beef and veges lasagna. I letak mushroom and carrots in it so adalah jugak hidden veges kan.


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