>The soaking hippos


Alhamdulillah, selamat sudah first day of fasting. Miss 6 tak puasa hari ni sebab she’s still not well, nak tunggu sampai dia sihat sepenuhnya baru boleh puasa. But she’s already decided to do a full fast once she’s better, we’ll see…. :-). Tahun lepas, she managed a few days of puasa penuh. The rest of the month, she had breakfast sebelum pergi sekolah and then berbuka either masa lunch at school or bila balik rumah. Tahun ni, she’ll be the only one fasting in her class sebab bukan sekolah agama lagi kan, hehehe. But there’s quite a few muslim families in that school so The Little Misses won’t be the only 2 fasting. Miss 11 has found a few students from her year who are fasting as well so she’s happy :-).

Their teachers pun dah dapat surat ‘cinta’ from we all explaining to them that The Little Misses will be fasting for a month. Miss 11 sukalah sebab she’ll be excused from sports! But I told Miss 6’s teachers yang Miss 6 is still learning and I will still provide a snack and a drink for her just in case she can’t continue with her fasting. The teachers tanyalah I whether Miss 6 will feel guilty kalau dia terpaksa break her fast at school. I guess they want to find out if we are really strict with Miss 6’s fasting ni. I told her that Miss 6 knows that we’ll understand if she has to break her fast since she’s still at the learning stage. And I also told them that she won’t be fasting yet until her coughs and sniffles are better. I guess I want the teachers to know that Islam ni agama penyayang, kalau you sakit, tak payah puasa (but kena ganti lah kan kalau dah tua bangka kan) and kalau budak tu kecik lagi, teaching them how to fast step by step.

Menu berbuka puasa we all tak lah semenggah mana. Kan I cakap nak buat kuih koci tapi takde daun pisang. Memang lah hampeh betul I ni. Baru lah I tau yang kuih koci tak tau malu aka naked ni di panggil badak berendam. But this was how the conversation went with The Other Half and The Little Misses tadi…

The Other Half: So, what are we going to have for break fast?

Cook aka Mummy: The soaking hippos

The Other Half and The Little Misses: the what????? Did you say hippos?

Cook aka Mummy: you heard right! We are going to eat the soaking hippos tonite.

The Little Misses: We want to see it!

Cook aka Mummy: these are the soaking hippos.


Punyalah besar gedabak my soaking hippos kuih ni memang sebijik badak saiznya. Makan sebijik dah tak larat, muahahaha…. I buat muat2 acuan silicon bunga2 tu and dapatlah 12 biji muat2 pengukus comel I tu :-). Kita takde acuan kecik2 cawan apam tu, tapi kita ada acuan kecik2 silicon so ok aje lah kan, hehehe.


Soaking hippos dari jarak dekat.

The Other Half: Is the name really ‘soaking hippos’?

Cook aka Mummy: Well it is Badak berendam in Malay and badak can mean either Rhino or Hippo but I think only hippos like to soak? in water. Probably soak is not the right word in this context but it’s near enough :-).

And I also made choc cake for Miss 11 which made her so happy :-).

And for dinner pulak I cuma buat sausage casserole makan dengan potato nuggets.


It is not an appetizing dish to photograph! But taste wise, it is really nice. Probably nicer if eaten with mashed potato instead of nuggets, hehehe….

Psst… sementara I tak boleh puasa ni, I’ll update malam2 hari lah but once dah start puasa, kenalah spend time at night beribadat kan so barulah I update lepas sahur, hehehehe….


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