>Agghhh, dugaan betullah….


Agghhhh, dugaan bulan puasa….. Allah nak suruh I banyak2 bersabar sebab Dia tahu yang I ni jenis kureng sikit bab2 sabar ni, hehehe…

The story goes like this…

The car wouldn’t start this morning masa I nak hantar The Little Misses to school so obviously couldn’t send them to school. Padahal baru aje srvice giler2 semalam kan. Manalah I tak gerrraaaammmmm sangat2 pagi2. Called AHG Roadside assistance and they thought it was the car battery that’s flat. I knew it wasn’t the car battery but the operator was adamant that it was the battery. I guess they thought I’m just a pretty no-brainer tak tau anything pasal car(no-brainer probably but pretty definitely, not! Hahahaha). The battery guy came (quite early, Thank God!) and found out that it wasn’t the battery that’s flat, it was the starter motor that’s gone to motor heaven (See, I know a little bit about car!). So, he told me that the car had to be towed to the workshop. He rang the tow-truck guy and we had to wait for the tow truck to come which takes another 30 minutes! Masa ni, The Other Half was already at work, lucky him. But he had to ring around to get things done for the car.

To cut a long story short, the car was towed away to the service centre and the kids finally went to school at 10 am thanks to Sheri who’s generous enough to take us there :-). Sayang betul tak ambil gambar masa the tow truck lady was rolling our beloved car up the truck. Rasa sedih giler tengok kereta I tu tak bergerak (terasa macam anak sendiri aje yang kena masuk spital, hehehe).

Then, I had to go to school again at 1 pm for the Multicultural Day demonstration. Remember the kuih lapis and the cucur udang that I was busily making?(thanks to Sheri again for taking me there 🙂). Takkan lah tak nak bagi budak2 tu makan the kuih lapis n the cucur udang tu kan lepas penat2 buat, hehehe. By the way, I masak kuih lapis tu pagi tadi while waiting for the AHG guy to come check the car battery. Sikitnya lama kan menunggu sebab sempat masak beberapa layer, hehehe….

And then, lepas habis demo at school tu, I terpaksa lepak2 sekejap at the shopping complex while waiting for The Little Misses to finish school. Nasib baik lah ada a small shopping complex depan that school so tak lah mati kutu I kena tunggu diaorang habis sekolah. And then, home we came on the bus after school which took an hour with all the waiting! Luckily The Little Misses ok aje naik bas tadi walaupun dua2 penat berpuasa. Miss 6 nampak orang makan kat bus stop tadi, dah kecur2 air liur dia menahan lapar, hahahaha. Nasib baik lah Mummy dah ada bekal kuih lapis and cucur udang untuk berbuka so tak lah tergesa2 nak masak sedap2 balik tu untuk buka puasa :-).

But then, ada lagi bad news, the car’s still at the workshop and will only be ready tomorrow arvo(maybe!) sebab they didn’t have a new starter motor here in Perth. Kena courier from interstate which might arrive by tomorrow. This is what happens when you buy a car that is not in production anymore! Holden has stopped producing Zafira for a few years and sebab it’s a European model, tu yang susah sikit nak dapat spare part kat sini. I just hope the new part that they have ordered from interstate fits the Zafira. I can’t live without a car! Sigh…..

But the good news is, it’s still under warranty so tak payah bayar for the new part :-). Probably still kena bayar labour fee lah.

Which means we have to catch a cab tomorrow morning for school and then I have to catch buses home and buses again to school in the afternoon to pick the kids up. What to do, dah nasib hidup ada 1 kereta aje kan :-).

Seperti yang di nanti2 kan, ini gambar kuih lapis I yang I buat tadi. I buat lapis hijau putih guna pandan paste. Tapi, sayangnya kaler hijau tu tak hijau sgt, so tak lah nampak terang sgt lapis nya. I guna recipe Tulip. Thanks ye Tulip!

Hehehe, ini masa masih dalam loyang lagi, tengah tunggu dia sejuk nak potong :-). Loyang ni dgn steamer I Ganu mari, my sister belikan, hehehe.


Ini dah potong dalam pinggan. Lapisan dia tak menyerlah betul lah. Kena pakai magnifying glass baru nampak! Next time, I nak letak kaler pillar box red and hijau, baru kot nampak garang aje each layer tu kan! :-).

And our heavy dinner lepas makan kuih muih tu was fettucine bolognese. I penat nak masak lepas turun naik bas, hehehe. The Other Half boleh kata kat I, “why don’t we just buy dinner tonite?” I rolled my eyes (over the phone, dia tak nampak, hehehe) and said, “We haven’t got a car. How are we supposed to eat out tonite?” He answered, “Oh yeah… I forgot!

D’oh, hikhikhik…….


Our sempoi dinner, Spinach fettucine with bolognese sauce.


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