>Our beloved car is back :-)


Alhamdulillah, our beloved car is fixed. Semalam, bila I nampak The Other Half with the car, I rasa macam nak kiss kiss the car first baru pastu kiss The Other Half, hehehehe…. Punyalah sayang nya I kat kereta itu especially after going through all the endless waiting for late buses!

But hampeh punya mechanic, they’ve stuffed up the car radio. And we are not using mechanics yang bengkel kecik2 tepi jalan tu tau, we use a certified Holden car mechanic yang company sikitnya besar tu. When The Other Half picked up the car yesterday, the guys there apologised profusely to him. They said, “We are so sorry, we’ve stuffed something up when we took out the starter motor.” Then they told him yang with the Zafira, if you take out the starter motor and disconnect all the electrical stuff, it will disable the radio and to enable it again, you have to key in the right code. I tak tau lah whether diaorang auta aje we all or memang betul this sort of things happens. But they don’t have the key code so they have to ring around the head office or wherever to get this code. So, now our car is without a functioning radio!

The Other Half masa tu dah nak mengamuk lah sebab the day before, he had to complain to the GM of the company before he could get the mechanics to reply to the 3 messages he left for them. Lepas dia komplen, baru lah tetiba pandai pulak the mechanics guna talipon tu and rang him up with the progress report! Manalah tak geram kan! Tapi sebab they’ve apologised sangat2, tak jadilah dia mengamuk, hehehe….

But, I guess that’s a small matter. I would rather live withour a car radio than have a non-starting car. And, we didn’t get charged yesterday, not even for the labour fee. I think the GM dah mengamuk kat diaorang for not treating us nicely when we’ve been their loyal customer for 5 years now so tu yang we didn’t get charged labour fee kot. We are definitely not going there again after our warranty’s run out. The Other Half is going to write a letter to the GM outlining why we are taking our car somewhere else. So, even though it was a bad few days, at least we didn’t have to fork out anything at all, not even a single cent. So, bolehlah sambung shopping for the new house kan, hehehehe…..

For Iftar semalam, Miss 11 mintak I buat sweet potato balls aka kuih keria versi malas. Kalau bulan puasa, memang selalu jugaklah I buat sbb The Little Misses suka kuih keria ni. And I made jemput2 udang at the same time from the leftover batter from the previous day.


Rasa macam tak lengkap pulak nya nak berbuka puasa kalau takde kuih muih ni kan :-). Tapi bila dah kenyang makan kuih, tak larat pulak lepas tu nak makan dinner, hehehe. Takkan lah nak dinner lambat sangat sebab Miss 6 has to go to bed at 8 pm so kenalah finish dinner by the latest 7.15 pm kan. It’s not good for her to go to bed on a full stomach.


Our dinner last nite, sausage pizza and chips. Selalunya they’ll makan beria pizza and chips ni but last night, they could only eat a small slice of pizza each sebab dah melantak the balls and the jemput2 sakan2!


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