>It’s not long to go….


We received confirmation from the bank on Friday kata the loan has been officially approved that day. And the contract we signed with the real estate agent kata, the house settlement is 28 days after the approval. So, kalau di kira2 from Friday, 28 days will be a week after Raya lah kan. Which means, we all memang betul2 ada 4 minggu saje lagi before the big move! Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I’m not ready!!!!!!!!! 😀

Sebab we will be breaking our lease on this house, we have to pay for our current agent to advertise this house for rental, pay for the agent to come and do the final inspection after we’ve moved out completely, pay for the weeks that the house is empty and to make the house available i.e. clean and neat and tidy when they want to show prospective tenants the house. Dah lah rumah ni sekarang tengah berserabut with God knows what, so nak make it clean and tidy tu might take a while lah, hehehe. And then I have to make sure that we keep all our valuables, knick knacks, electronic games, cameras and what not securely hidden away so tak lah kena curi masa all these people come to view this house. Manalah I nak sumbat segala benda ni weh! Tu yang dah start pening ni.

And I pulak, kadang2 will make myself busy with other things to avoid thinking about all the things that I need to do around the house to prepare for the big move and for vacating this rented property. So, for the past few days, I pun buat2lah busy dengan my apron and hat project yang sikit nya lama dah terbengkalai. Kalau nak tunggu sampai dah pindah nanti baru sambung the project jahit menjahit tu again, memang lah definitely tak sempat siap because we’ll be busy with unpacking segala benda. Kesian lah nanti Miss 6 kalau tak dapat buat her birthday party kan :-).

And all the chef’s hat 95% done, tinggal nak letak velcro aje at the back so they can tighten it a bit. And the aprons pun dah nak siap jugak. Nasib baik lah she’s only inviting 5 guests so tak lah banyak set yang I kena buat, hehehe. We’ve never been the type of people yang invite the whole class, The Little Misses birthday parties memang very small aje. Kalau I invite the whole class to this party, adalah nanti Mummy jadi macam tailor masa bulan Ramadhan, tak tidur siang malam sebab nak siapkan tempahan baju Raya, wehehehehe……

A sneak preview of the birthday girl-in-waiting in her hat and apron with Mummy’s whisk and spatula :-D.


Kalah Iron Chef when it comes to posing, muahahahaha….. I know the hat and the apron tak matching but tak cukup kain nak samakan dgn the hat :-). I just guna whatever I can find in my material box aje.

Hari ni for iftar, I told The Other Half that I’m going to do a clean up of the fridge and we’ll be having only leftovers tonite. I tak larat tengok all the plastic containers in the fridge yang berisi segala macam lauk pauk, nasi, meehoon and kuih muih. Kalau we all tak habiskan, alamat lah akan masuk Cik Tong tak lama lagi.

So, for iftar tadi, we had….


Tepung pelita and kuih lapis from leftovers hari tu and kek gulung (kedai mari). Itulah tepung pelita I yg takde rupa tu, hehehe.

And for dinner pulak, each one of us had different meals, terasa macam kat restoran habis padahal like Miss 6 told her Dad tadi, “Mummy’s just reheating all the stuff for dinner Daddy!” :-D.

I had meehoon goreng with chicken fingers, Miss 6 had meehoon goreng and runny fried egg. I made meehoon ni a few nights ago :-). The Other Half pulak had nasi goreng biryani from the other day makan dengan kari ayam and dhal malam tadi. Miss 11 had roti canai with mince kebab (leftovers from weeks ago that I froze). Everyone was happy with their dinners and I managed to reduce the amount of leftovers in the fridge! Yeay!!!!


My meehoon goreng with sambal and chicken fingers.


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