>I’m back with some more stories


Baru tinggal beberapa hari, dah berhabuk rumah ni, lebih kurang sama tebal aje habuk nya dengan rumah betul I sekarang. I geram betul dengan habuk kat rumah ni, baru aje lap semalam, dah tebal balik habuknya hari ni (nasib baik lah dah nak pindah, hehehe).

So, what have I been doing for the past few days?

-Definitely merehatkan otak dari berblogging (which was a real bliss not having to think of a catchy title 🙂).

-Memunggah and mengemas balik all The Little Misses’ toys in the cupboards, under the beds, on the shelves, in the drawers and around the house.

-Mengemas all the vacuum storage bags under the beds. Punyalah banyak clothes that we haven’t worn for so long that I think we will definitely never wear again! Kiranya macam dah habis fashion tu, and now dah datang balik the fashion lah, but I’m too old to wear the same fashion, hikhikhik…. And when it comes to The Other Half’s clothes, kiranya clothes masa dia kurus dulu so sudah tentu lah terpaksa I give away kan sebab for sure dia tak boleh muat nak pakai, kahkahkah….

– I also found so many baju kurung that I tak tau nak buat apa with especially The Little Misses old baju kurung yang dah tak muat tu. Tak kan lah nak donate ke Good Sammy kan sebab sudah gerenti Mat Saleh akan pelik tengok the baju kurung :-). Nak hantar ke M’sia, kat M’sia pun berlambak2 baju kurung, hehehe.

-Going to the Good Sammy stores so many times to donate the clothes and The Little Misses’ unwanted toys. You all bayang kan lah, we moved here from Adelaide when Miss 6 has just turned 2 so all her toys at that time were ‘baby’ toys (that’s what she calls them anyway!). Now she’s a ‘big’ girl, takkan lah still nak simpan the baby toys lagi kan (because now she’s collecting big girls toys). Even though, throughout the years, I dah banyak ‘buang’ the toys away, tapi masih banyak lagi in the cupboards. Hari Ahad semalam, we managed to ‘collect’ all their Duplo stuff to be given away, penuh lah 1 plastic besar!

(Thank goodness for Miss 11 who has such a good memory when it comes to bits and pieces of toys. She could remember where everything comes from and where they belong to even all the tiny broken pieces! I just had to show her a piece of ‘thing’ and she can tell me what it was or what it used to be, hehehe)

(Now if only I can have the same amazing ability with all my kitchen gadgets especially the attachments and what nots, I would be so happy! Oh well, kena banyak2 makan kismis and fish oil lah I lepas ni, hehehehe)

-Baking and making a few more kuih Raya :-). At the last count, I dah buat 10 jenis you! Ini pun masih ada hati nak buat some more kuih, Wahkahkahkah….

-Still making scrumptious meals for iftars and taking gorgeous photos pf them (let me perasan sekejap 😉)

-Teaching The Little Misses Saloma’s Raya song so they can sing it fully unaccompanied by me for our Raya video. It’s the same song they sang last year and it has taken them 1 year to hafal some of the lyrics! hehehehe……

-Finally receiving some of the boxes for packing so I can start packing today.


Uwahhhh, punyalah banyak nya benda I nak kena pack!!!!!! Ini baru separuh aje, the packers/removalists will pack some more. Sape nak datang rumah tolong I pack? Nanti I bagi lah you all Iftar dinner yang sedap2, hehehe….. 😉

Ok lah, meh I tayang some photos of our scrumptious dinners :-).



I made smoked salmon maki sushi for the kids and the adults had japanese rice with stirfry carrots and enoki mushroom in oyster sauce and crumbed fried seafood. Sedapnya crumbed prawns and squids itu, hehehhe…..

Then On Sunday kan Father’s Day kat OZ ni. I made rice and kari as requested by The Other Half.


I cuma buat butter chicken (so everyone can eat it), sambal ikan bilis (tekak melayu I lah ni yang mengada2 nak makan 🙂), sauteed veges+potatoes indian style and telur goreng.

Last nite pulak, we had lamb chops, bread and salad (which was such a sempoi dinner) but I made egg salad sandwich for me sebab I teringin sangat2 nak makan something lite like sandwich :-).


Nampak macam dinner ala2 orang berdiet aje kan? Tapi lepas tu I pergi bantai mengunyah kuih raya, hehehe…..


Lamb chops with salad and bread. The Other Half makan 3 ketul, Miss 6 makan 2 ketul and Miss 11 makan seketul. I tak makan any sebab tak tertarik langsung nak makan lamb malam tadi.


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