>Stuff about the new house


I dah naik boring nak pack barang and you all pun sure dah naik boring dengar I cerita pasal pack barang kan, hehehe. I cerita pasal lain lah pulak ye!

Tadi we all gi melawat our new house to meet up dengan the owner of the house (before we take over this Thursday 🙂). Masa we all beli rumah kat Adelaide dulu, we didn’t have to meet dengan the owner at all, it’s all done through the settlement agent. But here in WA, the buyer has a choice to meet up with the seller before the settlement date. I guess it’s done so the seller can explain everything about the house to the new buyer.

So, tadi we spent about an hour and a half talking to them at the house, punyalah peramah nya mereka, segala macam they explained about the house which is a good thing lah kan so tak lah we all termangu2 nanti bila pindah masuk. That was basically the second time we’ve been to the house. The first time masa open inspection and we only spent about 15 minutes kot at that house before we decided to buy it. I was talking to The Other Half yang it is quite ironic how short a time we spent looking around that house before we decided to buy it! And yet, we spent hours at JB Hi-Fi just to buy a $1000 TV! Patutnya nak beli rumah beratus2 ribu, kenalah spend beratus2 jam teliti the house kan, hehehe ;-). But I guess that’s why kat sini, we hired a building and pest inspector to inspect the house for any damage/ pest damage before we decide to buy it. Once we are satisfied with the report, then only we proceed.

Anyway…. I managed to count the amount of rose bushes around the house tadi. Nak nangis I bila tengok all the rose bushes sebab I dah boleh bayangkan betapa lah menggeletar nya I nak kena jaga all those ‘babies’! There were about 12 rose bushes, mampuih lah I! They even remembered all the names of the different rose buses! I cuma tau yang I ni tak tau anything about roses! Hikhikhik…… The wife said that the roses will start flowering around mid October so nanti bila Atuk and Nenek datang, suka lah diaorang dapat menghidu all the gorgeous smelling flowers (kalau anak diaorang ni hasn’t managed to kill all the rose bushes yet lah, hahaha). But we were so excited sebab they also have a flowering plum tree, a nectarine tree and also a hybrid dwarf apple tree which produces 3 different types of apples all in that 1 tree! Tak payah lah I beli apples, plums and nectarines masa Summer nanti :-). Now, we only have to get a lemon tree and plant them somewhere. Even The Little Misses were so excited with the fruit trees :-).

The husband pulak sibuk explained to us about the bore water system that they have, the solar panel water heater system, the alarm system that they use, the lawn and garden maintenance (hikhikhik…) and a few other things. Rasa macam pergi lecture aje tadi and lepas ni ada exam on all those topics, kahkahkah….

After spending the whole day packing and then the afternoon at the new house, I dah tak larat nak masak anything spectacular for dinner. I masak spag bol aje for dinner tonite. After so long tak makan spag bol, rasa sedap sangat2 pulak spag bol I buat tadi! hehehehe….


Pagi tadi, I packed all our hanging clothes in the ‘port-a-robe’ which is such a cute box :-).


You make the box, then put the metal bit along the holey ends and then just transfer you hanged clothes from your robe to the box just like that ;-). Bila dah penuh, you just seal up the box. Then, bila sampai kat rumah baru, tinggal transfer them back the same way, tak payah susah2, hehehe…..


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