>2 more sleeps…


We have finally given up on the packing and will let the packers do the rest tomorrow. I told the packers yang I’ll be doing part of the packing and they sent 54 boxes for us to pack some of the things ourselves and we managed to use up about 50 of the boxes. Itu pun I rasa macam dah nak tercabut all the tendons and ligaments in my fingers from cleaning and packing. The Other Half pun dah tak larat sangat2 tengok the boxes, hehehe.

Bayang kan lah, I rasa dah mengantuk and penat sangat2 by 8 o’clock at night for the past few days just from packing aje! Mengalahkan masa bulan puasa hari tu yang tak tidur balik lepas sahur aje, hehehe….

Dinner malam ni pun I masak things yang I could find in the freezer. Nasib baik ada frozen pizza, chips and sausages for us to have for dinner. Esok malam kena makan kat luar since all our pots and pans and pinggan mangkuk will be packed away. Yeay, tak payah masak!

The packers are going to pack the rest of the stuff esok pagi like all the fragile stuff in the kitchen, the pantry and also all the electricals. My computer pun dah awal2 kena unplugged so sekarang ni I have to use the EEPC lah to do updates on the blog.

Tu yg malas sgt2 nak letak gambar……

Anyway, this quick update is just to apologize to everyone yang sudi bagi comments at the chat box and at the comment box. Tuan rumah minta maaf banyak2 sebab takde masa terluang nak jawab all the comments tu. My mind is so full of boxes, the carboard type not the comment type ;-D. Bangun tidur ingat kotak, tengah buat kotak pun ingat kotak, tengah pack barang pun ingat kotak, nak tidur malam pun ingat kotak! Aggggghhhhh!!!!!

I’m now waiting to have nightmares about them! Hahahaha….

I still have time to read all the comments though and I really appreciate all the good wishes in regards to the packing and the moving. Hopefully esok, I dah boleh lenggang kangkung sebab I cuma jadi mandur aje esok while the packers do their job :-).

And then on Friday, is the D-day if everything goes to plan and the settlement doesn’t fall through.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan yang berkaitan and berkati lah hidup kami di rumah baru nanti…… Amin…..


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