>Another quick update


We have finally moved into the new house, alhamdulillah. The moving process took so so long sebab there’s only 2 movers who did all the removing and loading into the big truck, sampai pukul 7.30 malam baru siap the unloading of all the stuff to the new house! And they were there since 7.30 in the morning. Punyalah banyak barang we all yang terkumpul, hehehe….

And since semalam, Ops Unpacking telah bermula and to be continued until a long time (to me it feels like forever!). But it is getting there slowly sebab we have managed to unpack quite a few boxes already and managed to find plates and pots and pans and cutleries for me to start cooking :-).

My whole body and mind are still perpetually tired from the packing, moving and now the unpacking……

Last nite pun I dah mula masak kat rumah baru ni but I cuma masak maggi aje sebab I could only find a pot to cook in, hehehe. And luckily I could find bowls from our camping box so bolehlah we all makan maggi dalam bowl instead of dalam periuk terus, hahaha. But we still couldn’t eat at the dining table sebab penuh kotak atas meja tu. So our dinner malam tadi, breakfast, lunch and dinner hari ni were taken at the coffee table using mismatched plates and cutleries :-D.

Our goal/mission esok is to have proper dinner at the dining table, hikhikhik…….Which means that we’ll be spending the whole day trying to clear some more boxes……

Our internet is still not connected yet. I update ni pun guna mobile’s phone connection. Tu yg still takde gambar lagi….

Once the net is connected, I’ll put up loads and loads of photos ye! Especially of the rose bushes and the fruit trees :-D. And I’ll answer all the comments then.

Till then, take care and thanks sebab masih lagi sudi singgah my blog yang tengah senyap sunyi sekarang ni…


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