>A not so quick update ;-)


The net is still not connected yet so the drive to update this blog with loads of photos is still not there yet. Hopefully, it’ll be connected in the next few days lah. What we are doing now to surf the net and do a quick blog update is using bluetooth connection from the handphone to the EEPC. Nasib baik lah we all ambik mobile plan yang includes net connection, kalau tak, sure mati kutu we all tak dapat surf net berhari2! hehehe….

After 3 full days of unpacking, the amount of unopened boxes have definitely receeded. Kalau ikut malas hati I, mau lah agaknya makan masa berbulan2 untuk unpack all the boxes. Ye lah, buat benda2 like unpacking ni kenalah selow and steady kan. Tapi dek disebabkan adanya Drill Sargeant aka The Other Half yang bersungguh2 penuh motivasi untuk unpack all the boxes by this coming weekend, terpaksalah I pun menurut perintah Drill Sargeant itu! Terasa jadi buruh kasar sekejap, hikhikhik….He loves unpacking while I don’t enjoy doing it. The Little Misses said yang unpacking all the boxes felt a bit like unwrapping presents masa birthdays and Christmases, except that instead of new presents, it’s old presents, hehehe….

Tapi bini Drill Sargeant ni rasa terlebih penat sebab apart from the unpacking, still kena jugak buat all the other daily chores like basuh baju, lipat kain baju, gosok baju, masak all the meals! Terasa mithali sungguh! Hahahaha.

I pulak pening kepala fikir macam mana nak sumbat all my kitchen toys andd gadgets and food into the new compact kitchen. Rumah lama dulu ada walk-in pantry where I can sumbat a lot of things. Kat rumah baru ni, we had to buy an extra DIY pantry and still tak muat tempat jugak. Maybe I should learn to minimize from now on kan instead of always buying things when they are on sale! :-D. Luckily, there are no more unopened boxes of kitchen stuff, lega no! hehehe. But I had to put all the spare kitchen ‘toys’ which I rarely use into boxes again and sealed them up to be stored in the shed :-(. Kalau lah I buat garage sale of all my kitchen toys ni, mau berduyun2 orang serbu rumah I agaknya, kahkahkahkah……

Malam ni, instead of tayang gambar rumah and gambar dinner and gambar all the boxes, I tayang gambar bunga ros kat rumah ni ye! Ada 1 rose bush yang tengah berbunga sekarang with a few roses yang tengah kembang mekar besar saucers. I suka bunga rose yang kecik2 tu, yang besar2 gajah ni tak minat sangat pulaknya. But the smell was heavenly!



These 2 are from the same bush, but 1 kaler pink and 1 lagi kaler oren2 sikit. Dont ask me what kind of roses they are, I memang tak boleh jawab, hehehe….


Ini pulak bunga pokok nectarine. Hopefully, since dah berbunga sekarang, it will bear fruit sometimes in Summer lah. Tak sabar nak merasa buah nectarine rumah sendiri, hikhikhik… Well, if the bugs dont get them first lah!

I’ll put up some more photos of the roses as they bloom later.


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