>Let the photos do the talking


After waiting for a week for iinet to connect our net, we are tired of it already. God only knows what they are doing because it’s still not connected. And they sent us an email saying that they can only ‘connect’ it on the 4th of October which is 2 weeks away! What a pain in the rear end they are! After promising us that it’ll only take days for them to get us connected. Probably they live in a different world where their days is equivalent to our weeks kot! So, tadi The Other Half had to buy a prepaid mobile broadband for us to us until we get our net connected. I guess, he’s sick and tired too of surfing using bluetooth and mobile handphone. And I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms from being away from the blog for so long :-D.

But in a way, it’s good to have this week to clean up and kemas rumah instead of melangut depan PC (not that I have finished cleaning and kemasing anyway!). It’s 80% done, cuma nak habis kemas the other 20% tu yang lambat sikit. Bini Drill Sargeant dah siap unpack all of her stuff and everything else but Drill Sargeant to yang lembap sikit nak unpack barang2 dia, hehehe. Ye lah, sehari suntuk dia at work kan, macam mana nak unpack :-). Luckily, school holiday has just started so hopefully we’ll have more time at home to get the house just right. At least, we did achieve our goal of eating at the dinner table by last Sunday afternoon, hehehe…

I better put up photos of the pindah rumah process as promised…

On the Friday of the move, pagi giler we all bangun sebab nak make sure all the last minute things got done, like packing the beddings, the food in the fridge and freezer sebab the movers said they were coming at 7.30.


The Little Misses kena kerah bangun pagi and siap sedia utk ke school before 7.30.


The Other Half checking the fridge and freezer to make sure that everything’s been taken out. We had to borrow our friends’ chiller bins and then bought so many chiller bags to stuff our frozen food and chilled food in them.


Boxes and boxes everywhere…


The empty truck….


The nearly full truck.

Kiranya 1 neighbourhood tu tau lah yang we all nak pindah, hehehe…..

The nearly empty house. Sedih aje rasa masa ni sebab we spent nearly 5 years of our lives here…



And then, all the stuff got transported to the new house. They finally finished the unloading of all our stuff around 8 o’clock at night kot.


My kitchen area and the family room and the formal dining room. Cantik aje tersusun all the boxes kan!


The living room pun cantik aje tersusun.

Until the next day when Ops unpacking bermula…

Macam tongkang pecah the whole house we all jadikan. Sampaikan nak jalan pun kena tolak2 all the boxes to make a path from 1 room to the next, hahaha…



Masa ni I tengah pening fikirkan macam mana I nak fit all my kitchen stuff in the tiny kitchen cabinets. Macam buat jigsaw puzzle aje. I had to make sure they all go to the right places to fully utilise the storage space:-D.

Can you see the door in the kitchen?

That’s our main entrance to the house. We haven’t opened our front door since Sunday kot, hehehe. Senang aje kalau baru balik dari bershopping, masuk carport, terus masuk kitchen and terus letak the groceries in the kitchen. Kalau ada guests nanti, they will have to come in through the side door not the front door :-).

But sekarang, the kitchen floor dah lapang lah, senang lah nak keluar masuk.

The Little Misses eating dinner at the dining table for the first time after moving to this house.


Sempat lagi tu I masak nasi malam tu which was eaten so heartily by everyone sebab semua kelaparan lepas sehari suntuk bekerja berat mengunpack. Nasib baik jumpa the rice cooker and the plates and pots :-D.

I’ll put up photos of the cleaner, kemaser house esok2 lah ye.

This long weekend, we are going to do some gardening (on top of doing the final clean up of the house), planting the chili, tomato, cucumber, coriander and lettuce seedlings I bought the other day. Hopefully, by Summer time, we’ll get to taste the crop. It will be so fun. Teringat masa we all kat Adelaide dulu, our backyard was full with veges sampai tak larat2 nak makan. Hopefully, we can do the same here.

Oh yeah, I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to answer all the comments kat chat box and kat comment box. I did read all of your comments but memang tak terlarat nak jawab satu2. I do appreciate all the thoughts and hopefully once everything is settled and the net is up, I can go back to answering each comment one by one, InsyaAllah….

I pun tak dapat nak blogwalking sangat2 at the moment which I really really miss doing :-(. Susah kan takde net ni, hehehe…

Psst…Susah lah macam ni kan for me nak naikkan my bean counter to 1 juta kalau I update seminggu sekali aje, hikhikhik….. Macam tu, lambat lah lagi I boleh buat  cabutan bertuah sempena visitor yang ke 1 juta ye tak! Wahkahkahkah…..


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