>No food photos, only roses :-D


Kalau orang tengok gambar2 I sekarang ni kan, sure orang akan kata, “eleh! mentang2 rumah baru dia ada pokok bunga ros berlambak2, saje je nak tayang all the roses!” Hehehehe… Memang betul pun :-D. I haven’t been taking photos of our food that much sebab my lightbox set up dah kena rombak haritu dek pindah rumah and until now, I still haven’t set it up porperly and nicely sebab tak tau nak set up kat mana lagi. And I’m thinking of constructing a bigger lightbox from one of the packing boxes tapi sebba busy dengan benda2 lain, so kena pendamkan dulu lah niat tu.

I pun dah lupa macam mana nak ambik gambar food, hikhikhik…..

Last Friday 2 hari lepas was the end of term and for the first time ever, The Little Misses could give their teachers flowers from our own garden, hehehe. Punyalah seronok nya diaorang memilih bunga ros to give to their teachers and I pun perasan jadi florist sekejap, muahahaha. Snip sana, snip sini. Now, if only I knew how to do a flower arrangement kan ke best. Lepas ni, boleh lah I pergi kedai cari nice vases to fill them with roses so I can put them in the rooms. Tak payahlah buang duit beli room deodoriser kan, hehehe.

But hari Jumaat hari tu, banyak roses yang tak kembang sangat lagi so the teachers only got 2 roses each aje. Takpe, plenty more to give to the teachers throughout the years kan :-D. And then, hari ni pulak, berlambak2 roses yang kembang. Segala macam kaler ada and segala macam jenis roses.

Layan aje lah ye gambar the roses from nearly all of the rose bushes since lambat lagi I nak tayang gambar dinners. Ada 2-3 bushes lagi yang masih belum flowering.

IMG_5106      IMG_5108

IMG_5109      IMG_5111

IMG_5113     IMG_5115

 IMG_5117    IMG_5120


See, I told you! Banyakkan rose bushes yang we all kena jaga and bela ni! Hehehehe…… Dah lah aphids suka sangat2 kat roses ni and we have to sembur racun to kill the aphids. Ladybirds will makan aphids but we can’t find that many around.

And the view of our front garden.


And our backyard with the vege patch.


Kesian kat the movers when they had to move the pokok limau purut tu. One of them got stabbed by the thorns sampai luka berdarah2, sian dia. We think we’ll keep it in the pot rather than replant it in the ground. Pokok kesum and pokok serai I pun siap bawak pindah sekali! :-D.


I have planted lebanese cucumbers, chili, tomatos, ginger, mixed variety of lettuce and corianders. And we also bought a dwarf lemon tree which will hopefully grow nicely and give us plenty of lemons. The leafy plants on the vege patch tu are chards and turnips which the old owner left for us. I have never cooked turnips before. The Other Half kata they are like potatoes so I guess I can always bake or roast them.

Esok2 nya entry, I letak gambar dalam rumah pulak ye once everything is cleared of mess, hikhikhik…


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