>The inside now instead of the outside


I dari dulu teringin nak ada outdoor seating area where we can lepak2 during warm days, having BBQ and lazying around. But masa kat Adelaide dulu, our outdoor covered area wasn’t that nice to do that. And bila sampai Perth, the rumah sewa didn’t have a covered backyard area to do that. Kalau nak sunbathing boleh lah sebab the backyard is wide open. But since I ni dah nicely tanned, what’s the point of doing that right ;-). kalau nak letak kerusi meja, alamat lah berhujan panas the kerusi meja and cepatlah rosaknya.

But now, since dah masuk rumah baru yang ada an outdoor covered area big enough for 1 set outdoor kerusi meja and a BBQ, hati I pun membuak2 lah balik. Sejak haritu I dah cakap dengan The Other Half yang it’s a necessity to buy the set kerusi meja so bolehlah I perasan macam duduk kat Mediterranean country aje, sipping drinks under the pergola while enjoying the breeze, hikhikhik….

And since The Other Half dah tak larat nak dengar I merayu2, dia pun pi lah beli the kerusi meja set tadi. We all beli yang murah aje sebab kena budget duit nak bayar mortgage, hehehe….. And bila beli yang murah, kenalah assemble them sendiri so kenalah tunggu mood baik datang baru lah boleh assemble the stuff. Alamat nya tahun depan lah kot baru pasang kalau nak tunggu mood, hehehe. But I want it to be assembledby next week, sebab we are having a birthday party for Miss 6 in 2 weeks time so nak lah ada set kerusi meja tu before the party kan. The kids can just have their party outside which is better for me sebab tak payah susah payah mengemas inside after the party :-).

Now ni nak merayu kat The Other Half suruh dia assemble the set pulak lepas puas merayu suruh dia beli the set, muahahaha…..Last nite I made him roast chicken with roast potato, sweet potato n turnip with corn for dinner, tu yang dia terus gi beli the set pagi ni. Malam ni I kena make him another nice dinner lah kalau I nak motivate him to assemble the set, hikhikhik…


Our roast dinner last nite. I had to use flash so tu yg gambar tak cantik. Dah lama betul I tak tayang gambar our dinners kan :-). The diced white vege on the plate is the turnip. We roasted it and the taste was ok lah, a slight sourish taste. I lagi suka roast potato and keledek, hehehe…

And since semalam I dah tayang gambar outside, I’ll tayang gambar the inside fo the house pulaknya ye. It’s still not exactly kemas yet but good enough for us, hehehe.



This is the view from our family room. It’s an open plan, so you can see the whole kitchen yang sungguh tiny itu, the dining area, the computer area from here. But we like it like this sebab if guests come, they can sit at the family area and borak2 dengan I yang will be in the kitchen preparing food, hehehe.

Sebab the kitchen is tiny, atas fridge and cupboard pun boleh jadi tempat store barang, hehehe…


This is the view of the computer area from the kitchen.


Walaupun the area is not that big, jenuh jugak I mengemop lantai ni tadi! Rumah sewa dulu was carpeted from wall-to-wall so takdelah jenuh I mengemop. Ka rumah ni, kena vacuum, pastu mop lagi, ramping lah I lepas ni, wehehehe.


Cis, mentang2 ada banyak bunga ros, mengada2 nak letak fresh flowers kat dining table, muahahaha. But they do make the room look more lively and homey.


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