>Still about the house


We managed to assemble the outdoor seating set yesterday and as soon as it was assembled, I pun jadi isteri/ibu mithali terus made peach iced tea for everyone. It was such a relaxing feeling to sit there talking bersama2 while sipping iced tea in the warm weather. Now I feel much better to be welcoming the hot Australian Summer, hehehe. The temperature is going to be in the high 20s esok so The Little Misses and I will definitely be having our lunch and afternoon tea outside :-D.


I had to ambik gambar the set aje, not the surrounding sebab the surrounding is still so very messy with all the empty boxes waiting to be thrown away :-). Luckily, the ‘hard rubbish’ collection day for our area will be next week so bolehlah we all buang all the boxes and all the unwanted stuff next week, phew! Dapatlah I bersihkan the outdoor area ni before Miss 6’s birthday party.

Told you we bought the cheap set but is still very comfy to sit on with the padded cushions, which hopefully will bertahan for a few years lah :-).


Miss 6 enjoying the afternoon warm weather reading Burke’s Backyard magazine. Mentang2 lah dah ada vege patch, gigih dia membaca that magazine, hahahaha……

Talking about vege patch, I bought some more seeds tadi since there’s still plenty of space in the vege patch for some more plants.


Hikhikhikhik…bestnya kan kalau semua sayur ni berbuah dengan jayanya. Boleh dapat gelaran peladang berjaya lah we all :-D.

Kat rumah sewa dulu, we all pernah tanam okra/bende ni tapi tanam 1 pokok dlm pot aje so bila dia berbuah, dapatlah sebiji2 sekali petik. I makan sorang pun tak kenyang sebijik tu! So, this time, maybe I’ll tanam a few pokok so bila dia berbuah, dapatlah petik banyak2 sekali gus. The eggplants, capsicum and cabbage tu pulak are quite good plants to tanam though we’ve never tried planting them before. Ini baru first time nak cuba lah. We all memang makan ketiga2 sayur ni selalu so berbaloi lah jugak nanti kalau berbuah kan :-).

And tak lupa juga one of my favourite flowers, the sunflowers. Masa kat Adelaide dulu, we planted so many sunflowers along our backfence and they were so pretty! But this time, I bought the dwarf version so it will only get up to 45cm aje tinggi nya.Tak sabar betul nak tunggu dia berbunga! :-). They’ve also got the giant sunflower variety yang boleh capai sampai 1.8-3 meters tingginya tu! Kalau I beli yg itu, mau sakit tengkuk I everytime nak tengok bunga nya, hahahaha.

Help!!!! Bilalah I nak start balik ambik gambar food ni ye?

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