>Final photos of the inside…(tak larat you all nak tengok dah! :-))


After such a nice day yesterday, hari ni mendung and hujan rintik2. And pulaknya, I baru aje nak ambik gambar all the rooms hari ni for the blog, so disebabkan mendung, the photos all look a bit malap lah. Nak tunggu another bright day, it means kena kemas all the rooms again which when you are in a malas mood, ada sikit lembab lah nak buat, hehehe…

So, layan aje lah ye gambar yang ada malap and ada ok ni.

This is our lounge room which so far is used by The Other Half to play his pc games and by us when we have our movie night or tv night. Most of our day to day living is done in the kitchen, family room, the computer area and the bedrooms. The front door opens straight into the lounge room tapi dah 2 minggu we all tak bukak the front door itu, hikhikhik…..


We still haven’t put up any photos or pictures on the walls yet. Nak tunggu I rajin letak the hooks first and then nak letak a big photo of the 4 of us lah konon2 nya. But still haven’t go time to go to the shop to get a nice canvas print of a photo of us. Pastu, nak gi beli vases so I can put some roses on the coffee table pulak kan :-D.

And this is the master bedroom. Don’t ask, I memang jenis yang tak iron all our sheets and quilt covers. I cuma iron benda2 yang perlu aje, hehehe. And we don’t have a set colour for the bedrooms.


The window has tinted glass so even if we bukak the blind and the curtain open wide, no one outside can see anything inside unless dia letak muka dia betul2 kat the glass lah. But kalau ada yang letak muka dia kat the window, memang dah gilo apa! Memang dah kena panggil polis lah macam tu, hahaha. The old owner used to have this english style heavy curtains penuh dgn roses prints on the windows which we really don’t like. Cantik memang lah cantik but so not our taste. So, we all ganti dgn the lacy curtain and donated the english style curtains to Good Sammy.

This is Miss 11’s bedroom.



I tanya dia, what’s the point of me lipat kain baju if she’s going to just shove them and mess them all up again? Malas I nak re kemas her drawers. Baju dia, pandai2 lah kan dia keep them tidy.

And this is Miss 6’s bedroom.


Her clothes drawers and on top of it lagilah messy. Tu yang I tak ambik gambar with the drawers in it, hehehe.

Masa kat rumah sewa dulu, we weren’t allowes to stick anything on the walls so memang their room was devoid of any wall stickers/posters lah. So, bila dah masuk rumah sendiri ni, they went berserk with the glow-in-the-dark stickers. Penuh their walls and ceilings with the stuff.

All the bedrooms ada built in wardrobes but we use the ones in The Little Misses’ bedrooms for only hanging clothes and putting their boxes of toys in them. Tu yang memang still kena ada chest of drawers for our folded clothes. We all cuma letak the chest of drawers, a bedside bookshelf to put their radios and lights and another bookshelf for their books in the room. Memang tak muatlah kalau nak letak benda2 lain.

And this is the guest bedroom. Bila my parents and makcik n pakcik datang sini end of October, I have to kemas it a bit more :-).


And ini pulak our dinner last nite, pizza. I might set up my lighbox hari ni if I can find a place for it. I miss taking nice photos of my food!


The Other Half’s seafood pizza.


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