>birthday lunch and birthday cake


So, she finally turned 7 today!

Happy birthday gorgeous daughter. May your life be always blessed, may happiness surrounds you and may your dreams and wishes come true.

The Other Half had to go to work the whole day today so we gave her her presents last nite.


Just some Toy Story Lego sets and a big cuddly panda :-). She got Playmobile farm set, a hand puppet and a book from Nana n Pop and a ‘pinprint’ from Miss 11. She’s muy happy! :-D.

And today, we had our first guests at this new house for lunch sambil sambut birthday Miss 7, Sheri n her family. Saje je jemput them for lunch sebab konon2nya nak try makan kat the undercover area lah. Ye lah kan, dah beli the set, might as well use it often since the weather is really nice now. But I tak buat BBQ, tak kuasa I nak hidupkan the arang and nak jaga the arang. One day, we’ll buy the gas BBQ with the wok burner. Masa tu baru lah boleh beria masak2 kat luar kan, hehehe.


Best weh makan kat outdoors ni! Bertambah2 we all makan tadi! Kalau hari2 makan kat luar, alamat sendat lah my jeans nanti, hahahaha…. Cuma the flies lah nanti yang for surenya akan merosakkan keamanan our outdoor meals masa Summer nanti!


I masak sempoi aje, thai beef salad and kuey teow goreng with seafood and keropok. The adults 3 orang tu aje yang melantak the salad :-).


Inilah Thai beef salad ni. Macam2 daun I letak, mixed lettuce leaves, coriander leaves, mint leaves including bean sprouts, cherry tomatoes and mangga muda. Kat sini pun ada mangga muda you, hehehe. I letak 3 biji cili ala2 cili api aje tapi pedasnya Ya Rabbi kat my lidah! Maybe banyak sgt kot I termakan the chili the first suap tu, tu yg pedas tak hengat. I left some for The Other Half for dinner and dia selamba derk aje makan and siap cakap lagi, “tak lah pedas mana” (setelah di alih bahasa).

After lunch pulak, upacara nyanyi lagi birtday, tiup lilin and potong kek. I menyampah betul guna the new oven ni sebab still tak adapt lagi to its quirks and temperaments. I baru baked cakes 2 kali aje so far in the oven and both berkerak which means too hot lah kan even though I dah reduce the temp quite a lot. Takpe, slowly slowly berkenalan dengan hati budinya kan, baru lah boleh ngam lepas tu, hehehe…. Kalau tak ngam gak, adalah yg kena buang kat Swan River nanti jadi tukun!


I like this photo even though it’s a bit gelap. She looked so happy to see the cake :-).


Ini second time dia kena tiup lilin sebab I tak tersempat nak ambik gambar first time tu.


Dah kena robek the lilin, baru I tersedar yg I tak ambik gambar the cake lagi. I made orang butter cake with choc chips inside.

Masa her birthday party on Saturday nanti, kena buat another cake. Bercinta I nak bermain dengan the oven!


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