>The birthday party


The party is finally over and the house dah tak tunggang terbalik. Thanks to The Other Half and the girls yang bertungkus lumus kemas rumah after the messy party. Actually ada banyak mess lagi tapi I buat pura2 tak nampak, hikhikhik….

Like I said to you, sekarang still tengah cuti sekolah so ramai yang on holidays lagi but didn’t have the courtesy to RSVP. So, we ended up having only 3 guests aje plus The Little Misses and 2 moms. It was an intimate party, hehehe, but still enjoyable. The main thing, the birthday girl really enjoyed it a lot even though we didn’t have time to play any games!

Layan aje some photos of the birthday do today.


I terlupa nak ambik gambar all the chefs together, dah habis semua balik baru teringat nak ambik gambar The Little Misses in their gears. Everyone was asked to wear white t-shirt and jeans. Even I and The Other Half pun pakai white shirt n jeans 🙂 (cuma tak pakai apron and hat aje lah, hehehe).


The birthday girl tersenyum lebar :-).



Biasalah kan, kalau birthday party the girls mesti ada acara mendeco kek ni. Benda yang paling senang nak organize and benda yang budak2 suka nak buat :-).


Tekun sungguh dia mendeco, hehehe.


Sendiri deco, sendiri kena makan, hahaha.


Then they had to do necklaces and bracelets using fruit loops, nutri grain and cheerios. Kalau perut terasa lapar, tinggal makan aje the neckaces and bracelets :-).


Lepas tu, they came inside, playing around with the balloons. In between tu, diaorang asik menghilang aje to the bedrooms, playing in there with the toys :-).


Pastu, I kerah diaorang buat their own vegetarian california roll for lunch and makan with baked chicken wings. Seronok lah jugak diaorang try menggulung using the special plastic california roll plate. But the girls dah a bit kenyang from the cupcakes and the popcorns and the rice crackers they ate through out.


Pastu, dah kenyang from lunch, I made them eat fruit salad pulak, hehehe. Healthy giler!

Then, it’s birthday cake cutting time. But bday cake kali ni wash a really slap dash job. The icing was a bit cair but I really didn’t have time to  fix it and decorate the cake nicely. I wanted to do ‘fluffy’ type icing deco on the cake so konon2 nya nampak mcm fluffy chef hat lah but my skills and kerajinan didn’t get that far, hahahahaha……



It’s supposed to look like a chef’s hat but The Other Half kata ala2 oven mitts aje, hakhakhakhak.


Weh, berapa kali mau tiup lilin and dapat kek da!

Phew, that’s the last of the birthday party this year (macamlah banyak sangat birthday parties yang I kena organise each year, wehehehhe).

Psst… cantik pulak I rasa the aprons and hats tu after I’ve done the finishing touches with the pocket and button deco. Ada sape2 nak order ke? Kahkahkahkah…


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