>What’s the culprit?


When Spring has sprung, my hayfever pun bermaharajalela. At times I feel like taking my eyes and nose and hard palate out and set them aside for a while until Spring has gone. Doesn’t matter how high a dose of antihistamine I’ve taken, my hayfever is still really bad. I’m so envious bila tengok The Other Half and Miss 11 yang sikit pun tak merana when Spring is here. Miss 7 has a bit of hayfever but not as bad as me. Lagi lah bila berpindah to a new place, it will take my body a few months to adapt to all the pollens that are floating around the area. And while it’s trying to adapt, I lah yang suffer with the itchy eyes and hard palate, runny nose and blocked nose at the same time, continuous non stop sneezing and just a general feeling of rundown 24 hours a day.

Sejak pindah rumah baru ni, my hayfever memang teruk sangat2. I feel so penat from the continuous sneezing. Even Miss 7 kata she knows she can come out of her room in the morning bila dengar I bersin in the kitchen. Macam personal alarm clock lah gitu, hehehe….

I cakap dengan The Other Half maybe it’s the roses kot yang buat my hayfever so bad this time sebab it gets worse bila I masuk bilik tidur which is at the front of the house. So, kiranya kalau I bukak tingkap, memang akan hidu roses ajelah and memang senang lah the pollens nak berterbangan masuk. Nak kata, the previous owner ada pet which I’m allergic to especially cats, they didn’t. Straight away The Other Half kata, “I’ll chop all the rose bushes for you! Just tell me when.” I said, “Noooooooooooo!!!!!! This is the first time ever we’ve got a nice rose garden going and you want to chop them off? Will you do it for me?” He said, “Yeah! If they bother you so much, why keep them.

(Eh eh leh, cakap aje lah dia malas nak jaga the roses, jangan lah cakap nak cut them off sebab my hayfever, hehehehehe….).

I really hope my body adapts to the pollens around here quickly or else habislah pokok2 roses yang sangat2 cantik itu di tebang dek The Other Half. If only I know for certain which pollens trigger my hayfever, maybe I can avoid it kan. But there’s so many pollens floating around, kalau I nak buat skin test or RAST test pun rasa tak berbaloi just for hayfever.

Hari ni was the last day of school holidays. Esok dah start Term 4 which will ne Miss 11’s last term at primary school. Next year, dia dah boleh perasan besar sebab dah masuk high school kan, hehehe. I think The Little Misses are relieved to finally be going back to school after 2 weeks of staying at home not doing anything. Cuti sekolah kali ni memang betul2 memboringkan for them sebab I didn’t take them anywhere cos busy dengan mengemas rumah. The first week tu memang I tak keluar rumah langsung except to the dentist, hehehe. And by the second week, they have started bickering over small things. Dah lah dengan my hayfever, my PMS, pastu dengar diaorang gaduh, memang my darah naik tingkat 30 terus! I pun dah tak sabar tunggu sekolah bukak! Hahahaha… Macam mana lah nak jadi ibu mithali ni kan!

Anyway…… For dinner tonite, I made creamy fettucine with chicken breast and broccoli. It was so quick to cook this, tak sampai 20 minit dah siap which is my kind of dish :-D.


Masa masih dalam pan.


Kesian betul I masa ambik gambar dalam bowl ni, satu tangan pegang camera, satu tangan lagi pegang lampu! Hikhikhikhik….


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