>Nak usaha ladang ke?


Thanks ye for everyone yang bagi info about AirAsia booking tu. Nampak sangat we all ni tak pernah naik AirAsia, hahahaha. Selama2 ni, everytime we all balik M’sia, memang akan naik Malaysian Airlines which we bought during their sales. Bila beli tickets MAS masa sale ni, memang tersangat lah murahnya and then we don’t have to worry about paying all the extras for luggage, meals, airport taxes, seat booking and so on. With MAS, kalau beli tickets online, memang diaorang akan mintak passport details tu yang I assume, all airlines macam tu :-). Dah duduk Perth 5 tahun pun, tak pernah naik AirAsia or Tiger Airways, hish! hehehe.

But I ended up not buying any tickets tadi sebab all the promo tickets are gone. Ye lah, the cheap deals started at midnite and I pulak pukul 6.30 baru nak online, so memang dah habislah, hehehe. Doesn’t matter, there’s always another time kan :-).

Mid morning tadi, I was so motivated to bercucuk tanam sebab I beli some more seedlings and seeds semalam. Dah siap pakai topi (I still tak jumpa lagi the straw hat!), put my gardening gloves on and susun atur all the seedlings when suddenly I realised… we didn’t have any potting mix! Lerr, macam mana nak tanam all the seedlings dalam pots kan when takde tanah nak fill up the pots, hakhakhakhakhak. I tak belajar lagi macam mana nak tanam the hydroponic way so terbantutlah hasrat murni I tadi….

Dah tak jadi tanam, I snapped some pictures aje lah, hehehe…


The seedlings I bought to brighten up my herb area (except the fennels). Each small container tu ada lebih kurang 6-8 seedlings. Bukan semua hidup bila di tanam nanti, selalunya adalah 1-2 yang mati, hehehe. I bought thyme, thai basil, fennel (for the fennel itself not the seeds) and sage. They say sage and thyme (and herbs in general) are good companion plants as pest deterrents so kalau tanam around other plants, the bugs won’t eat them sebab tak tahan bau the sage and thyme. So, I’m going to plant some in pots in my herb area and some in our vege patch and some with the roses.

And ini pulak the seed packets that I bought as well. Bunnings tengah ada sale some of the seeds so tu yang I kasi hangkut semua yang I berkenan, hehehe. Macam nak bukak ladang sayur aje kan, muahahaha.


I beli oregano, silverbeet, parsley, lebanese zucchini, mint, shallots, beetroot, rocket and leek.

The Other Half bila I tunjuk dia all the seedlings and seeds that I bought, terus kata, “ Dear…. you do know that we’ve got a vege PATCH not a vege farm, right?” Hikhikhik…. Alah, bukannya seeds to expire this year, semua expire in 2013 so next year, kita tanam benda lain, hehehe. Or I can just plant 1 seed in between the seedlings in the vege patch. Kalau hidup, hidup lah kan :-).

Esok kena gi beli potting mix lah, baru lah boleh I bercucuk tanam kan!

For dinner tadi, we had swedish meatballs. I guna recipe from here. Makan dengan fries and mixed-leaves salad. Ada pulak The Other Half tanya, “is this our salad from the garden?” Hikhikhik, our lettuce plants baru aje besar cenonet, memanglah dah boleh ambik some of the leaves but not enough to feed all of us, hehehe. Sabar…. maybe in 3 months time, we can eat from our own garden :-D, insyaAllah.



swedish meatballs with fries, salad and corn. Swedish meatballs ni ada creamy sauce on it but I buat tercair so terus meleleh penuh 1 pinggan, hehehe.


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