>My short, malas, takde mood update


I think I’ve been bitten by the gardening bug. Masa duk kat rumah lama dulu, I wasn’t that interested (I was enthused but not that enthused, hehehe), maybe sebab takde tanah nak menanam and kena tanam in pots aje semua. Or maybe sebab The Other Half used to be the one who planted everything and I tinggal petik aje, tu yang tak kisah sangat kot.

But sekarang ni since I yang kena shop for potting mix n seeds n seedlings n pots, fill up all the pots and dig up the soil,  tu yang tetiba rasa macam seronok sangat2 pulaknya, hehehe. But I don’t think I have green thumbs like The Other Half sebab macam tak nak hidup aje some of the plants I planted :-(. Oh well, like The Other Half said, we try and learn. Kalau hidup, Alhamdulillah, kalau tak hidup, doesn’t matter, cuba lagi sehingga berjaya kan, hehehe.

And since I dah kena gigit dengan gardening bug ni, I ajak The Other Half bangun pagi2 esok sambung gardening before we have to go shopping and painting. Terus dia pandang I and said, “weekend is when I get to sleep in. I want to sleep in, please!” Hikhikhik… Adalah gamaknya esok pagi, bini dia kena berkebun sorang2 sebab yang lain semua masih tidur lagi. Takpe, takpe, nanti kalau dah dapat hasil, you all pandang aje lah bila I makan nanti yek! Muahahaha ;-P.

I better go to bed now kalau nak bangun pagi2 esok nak berkebun. Entah2 I berkebun dalam mimpi aje kot esok pagi sebab lagi best bergelumang dgn selimut dr bergelumang dgn tanah! Wehehehehe….

Our dinner tonite yang sungguh sempoi sebab The Little Misses have swimming lessons on Friday evening so bila balik from swimming, everyone is hungry and tired. I had to precook dinner or make something really fast which is pasta lah.

I made angel hair pasta with smoked sausages, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and feta.



Sempoi kan western food ni :-).


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