>It’s not sick anymore, yeay!!!


Muahahaha, after so many weeks of being the light man, he’s finally has had enough and fixed my lightbox light for me petang tadi:-D. It didn’t take him that long anyway to fix it (cuma malas aje nak buat, tu yang makan masa sampai sebulan!). And I am finally able to take beautiful pictures of our dinners again (my perasan mode is definitely on 🙂). Now, barulah best I nak buat a bigger lightbox kan! Lap you darling!


Comel aje kan my set for the food photo sessions ;-).

Now, I’ve found a nice spot to put my lightbox without having to move it around and without it being to obvious and tak payah pakai light stand. He just clipped the light onto the book shelf and sangkut the other 2 lights onto the top of the box :-). Tetiba bertambah sayang pulak I kat laki I tu, muahahaha.

And gambar dinner yang I ambik tadi memang jauh beza dengan gambar yang I ambik kat atas bench, hehehe. I guess kalau photographer yg skillful and pro tu, diaorang dah terer, ambik gambar kat mana pun nampak cantik aje. But I ni tersangatlah amateur nya so kena ada lighting semua bagus, baru lah boleh ambik gambar :-).


Our dinner tadi. We had tandoori chicken, terung masak sambal, poppadom, makan dengan pistachio and raisin pilau. The Little Misses makan chicken kurma.


For me, lighting is so important to make me feel motivated to take food photos. Baru lah boleh nampak jelas apa yang we all makan every night kan, hehehe.

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