>Animal stories


The Little Misses love animal documentaries or docos as we Aussies call them :-). And they have been watching a NZ show called The Zoo for the past few nights. It starts at 7 o’clock at night which is usually well after dinner’s finished.

But tonite, we had dinner a bit later, after solat maghrib so when the show started, The Other Half and I were still busy cleaning up the dining table and the food and starting to wash the dishes. Since sekarang ni our kitchen and family and dining areas open plan kan, so while we were cleaning up, sambil2 tu bolehlah tengok tv with the girls.

And tonite’s show was about these cute tiger cubs at the zoo going through their vaccinations.

Suddenly, Miss 7 said…

Miss 7: Do you know Dad that they’ve been showing the tiger stories for the past few days already.

Dad: Really….

Miss 7: Yeah, the other day they were showing the big tigers mating, and then yesterday, they showed the tiger cubs being born and today, they showed the cubs being vaccinated!

Dad: R..i..g..h..t… Fascinating! (while looking at me wildly)

Masa ni I tengah terduduk menyorok belakang the kitchen cabinets, gelak giler2. Yang I gelak kan sebab the innocent way she said the word ‘mating’ to her Dad and The Other Half trying so hard to keep a straight face, muahahahaha……

We love it that they love watching animal shows but that’s the point with animals kan, they live to procreate and eat and survive. So, tak dapat lah nak elak in any animal shows for them to learn about that aspect of life :-). As long as she didn’t think it took only 3 days in real life from mating to vaccination dah lah, hikhikhik….

The reason why we all makan dinner lambat malam ni was because I didn’t start cooking until 5.30. Actually I betul2 tak tau nak masak apa malam ni until pukul 5 baru decided nak masak nasi lemak. And masa tu lah baru nak blender chilli sebab chili boh dah habis, baru nak defrost the chicken nak buat ayam goreng, tu yang start masak lambat, hehehe.


I masak sotong goreng berkuah khas untuk Miss 7 (sambil tu we all pun bedal sama lah 🙂), bila letak kat pinggan, meleleh kuah dia around the nasi. Tu yg nampak berair aje kat sebelah nasi tu.


The shredded lettuce tu was picked from our garden. Miss 7 cakap, “It’s the best lettuce I have ever tasted!” Budak tu memang selalu over, muahahaha. But I guess any sayur when they are freshly picked, memang lah rasa sangat sedap kan!

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