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Malam ni I’m not going to write about food, I’m going to write about The Little Misses’ school. Every 2 weeks, the school will have a public assembly where 1 designated class will be in charge of conducting the assembly and also presenting a short skit/song/drama during the assembly. Dari awal2 tahun lagi, dah siap roster of which class will be in charge of the assembly. So, the classes will have ample time to prepare their items. And the items yang they present have to have meaning. And during this public assembly, kaum keluarga di jemput hadir sama to watch their kids/grandkids perform at the assembly. I slalunya cuma attend if The Little Misses got a merit certificate or their class is doing the assembly.

Actually quite good jugak buat macam ni sebab it teaches the kids public speaking in front of their peers, teachers and parents. Bukan setakat budak2 kelas Year 6-7 aje yang handle the assembly, even budak2 Year One pun diberi kepercayaan being in charge of the assembly under their teachers’ guidance. You can really see it in their faces of how proud they are to be given this huge responsiblities and everyone tries their best to make it a successful assembly.

Miss 11’s class assembly was in June where they presented a skit called Be In It Today which was about being healthy. And her group had to perform the aerobics. I managed to get some photos of her but most of the photos are so blurry sebab I terlupa nak set the camera to ‘sports’ mode. Ye lah kan, diaorang beraerobics lompat2 bagai, so blurry giler lah most of the photos, hehehe. Pastu I pulaknya dah biasa ambik gambar food yang memang takkan bergerak unless moved by me so bila ambik gambar moving objects, I got so flabbergasted. Tu yg I tak tayang the photos on the blog, hehehe.

Pagi tadi pulak was Miss 7’s class turn to conduct the assembly and present the skit. Their skit was titled ‘From little things big things grow’. It’s about how a long time ago, 1 aboriginal man stood up for his rights and brought a positive change to his people. And Miss 7 also had to get up to the mike and lead the whole school in saying the school creed. And since their skit ni was mostly slow moving, dapatlah I ambik gambar yang quite nice jugak.

Layan aje lah ye the photos of today’s assembly and Miss 11’s assembly in June (sian dia, I letak lambat giler, hehehe).


Her group was supposed to be farmers so tu yang pakai shirts petak2 and ‘old style’ pants. Patut pakai gumboots but takde sape pun ada gumboots kaler hitam. Mana lah ada farmers dulu kaler pakai gumboots kaler pink and blue kan, hahaha. So, tu yg pakai aje lah sneakers.


Cakap dah, kat kelas dia mostly students from asian background, hehehe.


Miss 7 at the podium leading the school creed. Sikit pun budak2 ni tak seram sejuk nak bercakap depan orang ramai. I dulu masa kecik2, menari or menyanyi masa concert sikit pun tak malu and gabra but kalau bercakap depan orang ramai, nak terkencing2 sampai, wehehehe.



Presenting their item at the assembly.


Bila dah habis assembly, they must be saying to each other, “phew! that’s all done!Open-mouthed smile.

Ini pulak assembly item by Miss 11’s class in June.





She’s definitely the smallest in her class Smile.


Bila the students have to do the assembly item, the parents kena provide the clothes yang diaorang nak pakai in that skit. But tak payah lah sampai kena beli baju khas untuk the skit, just punggah old clothes or make do with whatever clothes yg kita ada and then bega2 lah sikit.

Seronok jugak sekali sekala attend the school assembly ni.


The Little Misses at the end of the assembly today. Miss 7 tersenyum lebar because she got the award ‘Aussie of the month’. Mana tak tersenyum lebar, only 1 person is chosen at each assembly to receive that award and she got chosen today. Jeles kakak dia, hehehe. Tu sebab she’s got that badge on her collar tu Smile.


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