>My Garden buddy


This term in Miss 7’s class, they are learning about how things grow, mostly about plants lah and how they grow from seeds. So, during their science lessons, they’ve been doing a class journal titled ‘my garden buddy journal’ and they’ve also been planting beans and sunflowers and also making bird scarer aka scarecrow Smile.

The journal will be filled by the class students everyday. Hari2, they will take turns to bring the journal ‘bag’ home and today is Miss 7’s turn to bring it home.

In the bag were the journal for the student to fill in and a big toy sunflower. Each student can fill in only 2 pages so tak lah nanti ada yang penuhkan 1 buku dgn gambar2 dia aje kan, hehehe.

So tadi, balik aje from school, I ditugaskan mengambil gambar dia di sekitar our gardens to be printed and glued in the journal.

And this is the journal that she has finished.


She glued her photos in the garden, she stuck some seeds with labels pointing to them Smile. And she also stuck the fennel leaves for people to smell, hehehe.

I tanya dia, kalau rumah kita takde kebun, how can we fill in the journal. She said, “you can go to the park or to your neighbours garden or your family member’s garden.”

Nasib baik lah Mum n Dad dia ni sekarang dah jadi peladang berjaya so adalah jugak gambar dia di kebun rumah sendiri,  hehehe. Kalau tak, terpaksalah I bawak dia gi park petang2 semata2 nak ambik gambar Miss 7 and plants! Tak kuasa I, hikhikhik….

That blue sunflower is the garden ‘buddy’ and the student has to ‘introduce’ the buddy to their garden. Nak tergelak I tadi bila Miss 7 bawak the sunflower jalan2 sekitar kebun kenalkan all the plants to it, hahahaha.

Terasa vangga sekejap tadi when Miss 7 dapat penuhkan all the lines under the statement “plants seen in the garden”. It made it looked as though kebun we all penuh dengan segala macam tanamanlah. Kalah kebun sayur commercial! Wahkahkahkah.

I made sure she wrote segala tanaman yang we all dah penat lelah tanam kat kebun tu (hidup ke mati tu tak kisah lah kan, asalkan we all ada tanam, muahahaha).


Miss 7 with the strawberry and cousin It Smile.

I really like the way they do this sort of things. I think kat semua sekolah pun ada buat macam ni. It teaches the students sambil making it fun for them to learn.

Our dinner malam ni was nasi beriani sempoi sgt2 with beef curry, butter chicken and stir fry veges.


The Little Misses makan butter chicken with instant paratha, nampak sedap pulaknya so I pun gorenglah sekeping utk I, hehehe.


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