>A corrected entry



If you read my N3 yesterday, I mentioned that the highlights of the Fair were the lion dance and the fireworks. Obviously, I was very much in the wrong. The Other Half did not agree with me. He just can’t believe how I could think that!

He said that the highlight of the Fair was definitely, undoubtedly, top on the list- this performance:



He said he was mesmerised with her ‘performance’ and her skills in playing with fire.

Yo lah tu Hubby!

Mesmerised, definitely, tapi I rasa not with her performance, muahahahaha…… Tak berkelip2 mata all the boys yang tengok her performance, especially bila dia main dengan the fiery hoop tu, hikhikhik.

I pun mesmerised gak by her semalam. Sebab it got my brains thinking, macam mana lah her skimpy top tu stay fixed on her body and tak termoved around masa dia pusing2 with the fiery hoops. Kalau I yang pakai sambil main hoop, mau pengsan orang tengok! Open-mouthed smile

I think kan, it must be the miracle sticking power of double sided tape kan! Hahahahahaha…..


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