>They are excited! Thanks to Mum’s blog!


The Little Misses are so excited that their ‘appeal’ (through their Mum’s glemer blog Winking smile) for pen pals was met with much enthusiasm from a lot of people (especially by the Mak Mak, hikhikhik). They have emailed a few new friends last nite and this morning and are still going through a few more. Let’s just say, it took Miss 7 quite a long time to type a few sentences so if she’s a bit late in replying/sending emails, please be patient ye! Smile. I guess when she’s not used to the qwerty keyboard, finding all the letters are quite difficult! The letters don’t go the right way of A first, then B, then C…… Jenuh jugaklah dia nak mencari, hahahaha. She said that writing letters are much easier!

But Miss 11 is quite used to typing on the keyboard so it didn’t take her that long to type. Cuma nak compose the email tu yang makan masa sikit kot, hehehe.

Don’t worry, you’ll get emails from them eventually Winking smile. Unlike Mum diaorang yang amat malas nad lembab nak balas emails, muahahaha.

They wanted me to tell everyone thank you very much for wanting to be their penpals and they are very much looking forward to exchanging emails, postcards and letters with their new friends.

Macam I masa kecik2 dulu jenuh menunggu berminggu2 jugak lah untuk dapat balik the reply from the postman. Ye lah, nak penpals from overseas aje (memang dasar pilih kasih betul!hikhikhik) and masa tu mana ada emails bagai so kenalah guna aerograms lalu mel udara. And probably the postal system at that time tak sebagus sekarang kan so tu yang ambik masa lambat nak sampai, hehehe.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost contact with all my penpals and I’ve forgotten all their names pun Sad smile. So teruk of me kan!

Our dinner malam ni was just chicken burger kebab. I guna ready made crumbed chicken burger and then sliced it thinly and panfry it with some spices. Then makan with salad, garlic sauce and lebanese bread.



And semalam I made mango lassi because it was so humid and hot.


Just mango flesh, greek yoghurt, milk and a pinch of sugar. It was so refreshing!

I love Spring and Summer sebab musim mangoes Smile.


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