>Something beginning with the letter P


P for princess, P for pirate, P for pyramid but what did they choose? Punk rocker and Panda!

The Little Misses have a school dance this Friday nite and they are supposed to come as something starting with P. Punk rocker, I can do. Senang aje nak kit Miss 11 up in a punk rocker gear. I’ve already got her a black t-shirt with ‘rock chick’ on it and a faded denim skirt to be worn with torn leggings. Pastu mekap sikit2, jadi lah punk rocker kan Winking smile. The Other Half kata, “don’t forget the nose ring!” Hikhikhikhik….

But Miss 7 wants to go as panda. At first, she wanted to go as papparazzi. We told her that papparazzi just dressed in jeans and t-shirt with a big camera around their neck. Nothing spectacular about them. Tu yang dia terus tukar nak go as panda tu.

Hah, padan muka Mummy dia kena buat costume panda! Hehehehe…


Macam mana I nak buat budak yang pakai baju pink tu serupa macam statues yang black and white tu? Open-mouthed smile

Alahai anak, most of the other girls will be dressed as princesses, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in a princess costume. You would rather come as a panda than a princess, hahaha.

Do you know how difficult it was nak cari a white and a black hooded sweat shirts? I went to so many second hand stores tadi nak cari materials to make a simple panda ‘suit’ but memang tak jumpa.

I’m not going to spend so much money buying or renting something that she’s only going to wear once so tu yang I cari material nak jahit sendiri (konon konon nya, hehehe).

Takpe, 4 more days to look around….

Anyone out there with a spare panda costume? Winking smile


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