>A sad news for Miss 7’s class


Balik sekolah tadi Miss 7 terus cakap, “Mum, we were told a bad news that happened on Monday.” I terus tanya dia apa. She said, “Ms A’s baby died. I’ve got a note here for you to read about it.

Terus terkedu I kat situ jugak and bila I baca the note, terus rasa sebak sangat2 and bergenang air mata I. She delivered a stillborn baby girl.

Ms A was Miss 7’s class teacher who taught the class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Her class has a different teacher on Monday and Tuesday, ala2 tag team lah. And Ms A took maternity leave about a month ago to prepare for the birth of her child sometime in November tak silap I. We all tertanya2 jugak whether she has delivered or not and suddenly we were told about this bad news.

The Principal came to Miss 7’s class tengah hari tadi to break the news to them. And the kids were also given a note to give to the parents so we know what’s happening kalau tiba2 our kid tanya about death and babies or if they are feeling sad. Everyone was so down tadi. ye lah, we saw her every day with her tummy makin hari makin besar and she shared about the baby’s development with the class and talked about the baby with her class. So, kiranya macam the baby was also their baby so to lose it was really heart wrenching for the students.

Deepest condolences for Ms A & family. I know there are no words anyone could say that could heal your pain but hopefully, one day, you’ll be able to smile again.

Enough of the sad stuff….

Malam ni dinner we all was fish n chips. I used atlantic cod for the fish.



Fish n chips makan dgn salad and mayo+hot chilli sauce. I selalunya makan fish n chips with tomato sauce but lately I suka makan dengan hot chili sauce mixed with mayonnaise. Sedap sangat! Smile


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