>The not so friendly spider


Incy wincy Redback climbed up Dad’s BBQ and made a nest there….



Since you were a Redback, we couldn’t let you stay…


1 squirt, 2 squirts, 3 squirts of Mortein….It still took that spider 10 minutes to die!

It was a dry hot Spring season so I guess the perfect condition for them to thrive. Luckily there wasn’t any egg cocoons in the nest yet.

Why did we want to use the BBQ tonite? Sebab nak BBQ lamb chops and zucchini and sausages.


We had lamb chops with peach chutney (home made Smile), BBQed zucchinis (petik kat kebun, hehehe) and gnocchi with burnt sage butter n garlic. Sage tu pun mai dari kebun jugak.


Pagi tadi kat Masjid ada Kakak Masjid tu bagi buah peaches sampai 2 plastic. Ye lah kan, sekarang kan tengah musim buah peaches so bila pokok2 kat rumah dia berbuah dengan jayanya, tak larat lah dia nak makan1 keluarga so dapatlah I buah peaches free tadi, Alhamdulillah.

Macam kat M’sialah kalau tengah musim buah, dapat buah rambutan berbakul2. Kalau kat OZ, ganti rambutan dengan peaches ke, plum ke, grapes ke, strawberries ke, hehehe…..

So, I pun selak2 recipe and found this peach chutney recipe and The Other Half really loved it. I tak suka sangat chutney because too sweet for me.

And then for dessert, I made peach cobbler, everything peach eh!

Makan dengan vanilla ice cream Smile.



Now I still have a bag of peaches left yang masih belum masak sgt. I’m thinking of making some more chutneys.

I heard another sad news this morning. The father of a very dear friend of ours here has passed away this morning after a very long illness. Al Fatihah for arwah and may Allah bless his soul and keep him in Jannah. Takziah to Hafiz and family and may Allah give you strength to cope during this dark time.


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