>A new year and a new dessert


Salam Maal Hijrah to all Muslim readers of this blog.

What did you wish for sempena tahun baru Hijrah ni? Semoga Allah listens to our prayers and doas and shows us the right paths to attain our wishes.

Esok adik I buat aqiqah for his son kat kampung sempena cuti Awal Muharram. Sian I tak dapat makan kambing aqiqah, bukan setakat makan, bau kambing pun tak dapat! hikhikhik…. Nasib baik malam tadi dah dinner dengan kambing so takde lah meleleh air liur dengar diaorang cerita nak masak kambing masam manis Winking smile.

Dah nasib orang merantau, macam tu lah….

Takpe, weekend ni kita masak lamb ribs on the BBQ, bagi diaorang pulak terliur bila tengok gambar, wehehehe…

In the meantime, I tayang our dinner dulu (mana tau, still boleh bagi diaorang terliur Smile).



Dinner we all malam ni so sempoi. Spaghetti with basil pesto and smoked salmon. Pesto tu from a jar aje. Sekali sekala makan simple macam ni, memang sedap.

And I also made panforte today sebab The Other Half has been asking me to make it for him for quite some time already. I’ve never made this dessert before, first time lah ni.

Wiki kata panforte ni is a traditional Italian cake like dessert made of dried fruits and nuts and selalunya eaten around Christmas time. But I guess sekarang ni, anytime boleh makan dessert ni Smile.


It is rich and chewy instead of cake like. Nak makan, kena cut really thin slice of it, hehehe.


It’s got roasted almond, roasted walnut, dried figs, dried apricots, dark chocolate, honey. Sudah semestinya sedaplah kan with all those things in it.

If you want to try it, I guna this recipe for my panforte. But I substituted hazelnut with walnut and I tak letak the peels.


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