>End of year concert


We just got back from The Little Misses’ end of year concert at school.

Punyalah ramai manusia sampaikan we had to stand on this low wall to be able to see the performances. Dah lah I ni kemetot, bila berdiri belakang all these Mat Salehs yang majority nya tinggi2 dari I, memang dah sahih tak kan nampak apa2 lah kan.

So we chose to stand leaning against this wall-bench thing and bila performance mula, we all pun terus lah panjat the bench, hikhikhik.

Barulah celik luas mata memandang! Smile

But I couldnt take good photos, banyak yang blurry because it is not easy to take photos guna DSLR with lenses cikai at night with no external flash and being far away from the stage and with the kids dancing like mad, hehehehe. Nampak gayanya kena kumpul duit beli telefoto nya lens lah kan, baru lah best jadi mamarazzi! Winking smile.


Hmmm….do you think she was out of sync dengan the other dancers? hehehe



Pastu, Miss 7 was just at that annoying spot where you can see here clearly if you are in front of the stage. But for us (Mak Pak dia) yang duduk on the side of the stage, cuma nampak the blooming pole aje most of the time! Tension, hahahaha….


Miss 11 with some of her classmates before the concert.


Macam cari ‘Where’s Wally?” aje kan, hehehe….



They were supposed to be astronauts doing the astronaut dance (but definitely not the moonwalk!, hehehe).

And at the end of the concert, they had a raffle. The Other Half bought 3 tickets for $5. Ada 5 raffle hampers to be won.

Guess how many hampers did The Other Half win?

0? or 1? or 2? or 3?


He won 2 hampers from 3 tickets! Muahahahaha.

He won the first prize and the fifth prize, hikhikhik….

Dia memang selalu menang hampers raffles ni unlike me yang memang tak pernah menang!

The first prize was actually bottles of wine and holiday accomodation for 2 at somewhere in WA that we’ve never heard of. Rugi aje lah kalau we all dapat tu kan so he asked for a swap with the Kambrook steamer because he knows I love kitchen gadgets, hehehe.

(are they trying to tell us subtly to lose weight, you think?)

And the fifth prize was a hamper of coffee stuff and mugs.

So, everyone came home happy, hikhikhik…..

Psst…. I teruja sungguh tengok my ‘bean counter’ tu. Kejap lagi nak tambah 1 lagi tangan jadi million, seronok nya, weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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