>The kids and us


Do you think we haven’t exposed our kids much to the outside world?

This was the conversation we had earlier…

Me: Dad and I are thinking of going out for dinner on our wedding anniversary and guess what? We are not taking you guys out with us, just the 2 of us at dinner.

Miss 11: That’s not nice, leaving us behind. Why can’t we go along?

Miss 7: Yeah, where are we going to stay?

Me: At home lah and we’ll get a babysitter for you guys.

Miss 7: How come we can’t go with you. You normally take us along. What’s an anniversary anyway?

Me: It’s to celebrate our wedding, that’s why we want to go out.

Miss 7: But you two are married already, why do you need to celebrate?

Me: It is nice sometimes to celebrate the fact that we’ve been married so long (and I sambung dalam hati “and still sane and haven’t annoyed the hell out of each other yet”).

Miss 7: Will you cook dinner for us first before you go out? How long will you be out for? What if the babysitter is not nice?

Adehhh deh deh…….

Nampak sgt2 kan yang we don’t go out for romantic dinners/outings at night time often because obviously the thought of being left at home with a babysitter scares Miss 7 so much. All these questions! Macam nak pergi bercuti 3 minggu without them aje!

If jadi lah hajat we all nak pergi dinner for our anniversary, this will be the first time ever we employ a babysitter for the night. Previously, we’ve just sent them to friends’ houses when we had to go out at night without them (boleh bilang on 1 hand aje pun).

I guess Miss 7 sejak lahir sampai sekarang tak pernah ada babysitter, tak pernah kena gi nursery so the babysitter concept is very alien and strange to her. She’s finding it a bit intimidating kot having to stay at home without her Mum or Dad.

But, we only want to go out for a few hours on our 15th wedding anniversary. 15 is a big deal kids! hehehe…..

Like my Mak said about Miss 7, “Walaupun bila tengok badan dia, ingat dah besar. Tapi sebenarnya, she’s still a kid at heart. Orang lupa kadang2 yang dia kecik lagi.

The Other Half said, “Maybe we can just have a nice dinner at home.”


I don’t want presents, I only want to have a nice QUIET PEACEFUL dinner together without me having to cook them, hehehe….

Ini gambar our dinners last nite and malam ni (the ones that I cooked Smile).


Sausages and instant roast potatoes with grilled asparagus and zucchini.


Mee goreng sempoi.

Psst…tangan kat bean counter tu dah bertambah 1 lagi tengah hari tadi, yipppeeeee…. seronok sungguh Winking smile.

I memang bercadang nak buat giveaway bila beancounter tu mencecah 1 mil mark but sampai sekarang still tak tau lagi what’s the best way to do it.


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