>End of the year school reports


When it is so close to Christmas time, jangan lah pergi shopping tengah2 hari. Memang sesak nafas penuh dengan orang. I pergi pagi pukul 9.30 tadi pun dah nak penuh the carpark. Masa we all habis shopping at 11.30, berlegar2 kereta nak cari parking. Pandai2 lah you all berebut2 my spot tu tadi, tak kuasa I nak meleraikan!


Since it’s end of Term 4, the school has given out the students’ achievement report. Kat WA ni, they only give out the school report at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Reports ni memang we all tunggu2 jugak lah because it’s their first year at that school and Miss 11 pulak will be going to high school next year so we were hoping for a good report from the school.

At the end of the report, the class teacher will usually write a few sentences about the student.

I sangat lah terharu baca apa yang the teachers tulis about The Little Misses especially Miss 11’s class teacher.


My kid is a ‘young lady’ now, hehehehe……

But bila baca apa yang Miss 7’s class teacher tulis, I and The Other Half gelak terus bila baca the first sentence.


She definitely has limitless positive energy especially when it involves her mouth. She can talk non stop from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed, memang limitless energy lah! Hikhikhikhik……

I like the encouraging and positive words the teachers used to describe the girls. It makes us as parents feel like they really love teaching The Little Misses and it makes The Little Misses feel so proud of their achievements at school.

I tak tau lah what they wrote in the reports of budak2 yang nakal2 tu Smile.

Malam ni, we had separate dinner for the girls and us. The Other Half had to go to work petang tadi because ada graduation for the students so he came home late. I pun masak sempoi untuk the girls and waited for him to come home before cooking pasta for us to eat.

Haritu tengok Mbakyu Hana jepun masak spiral fried potatoes so I pun konon2nya nak lah try my skills jugak.

Dia buat cantik nipis aje, I buat, macam2 saiz the spiral jadinya Smile.



Punyalah malas I masak for he kids. I goreng potatoes and runny egg aje for them tadi, hahahaha…


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