>Garden update again


This weekend I made 75 biji karipap. Last weekend I made about 60 biji and the previous weekend I made around 50 biji. I think by now, muka I dah ada ala2 karipap! Boleh bukak gerai jual karipap kat pasar malam macam ni kan, hikhikhik.

It’s the last week of school so The Little Misses will be having class parties this week. And bila ada class party, they have to bring a plate of food. I malas nak fikir lama2 what food to take that everyone likes to eat, so karipap was my choice lah. Tu yang I buat berlambak2 karipap weekend ni Smile.

No more karipap making for a loooong time lepas ni sebab I dah tak larat tengok karipap lagi dah, hahaha.

Lepas dah siap buat karipap, we had to tend the garden pulaknya. We had to transplant the cabbage, kangkung and watermelon seedlings petang tadi. Tak tau lah hidup ke tak nanti.

Tapi sebelum tanam cabbage seedlings tadi, I had to cabut all the lettuce sebab dah went wild and berbunga, cabut all the coriander sebab dah berbunga and berbiji and trimmed the cucumber plants sebab dah gone wild as well.

Bila selak2 pokok timun tu, jumpalah berlambak2 timun yang dah besar.


What am I going to do with all these cues? Maybe I should make pickled cucumbers eh. Boleh letak dalam gift hamper for The Little Misses’ teachers Smile.


And there’s still loads more yang tengah membesar on the plants.

We like cucumbers tapi tak larat gak kalau nak makan hari2, hehehe.

Some more photos of our garden.


the rosemary.


our gumuks daun kesum.


Our ripening strawberries. I memang beli strawberry plant yang buah dia saiz mini but sweet.


Miss 7 with her own bean plant. She planted this bean plant at school during science class and brought it home when it was still small. I repotted it and sekarang dah keluar bunga and tiny bean. She’s so happy Smile.


Another sunflower dah berbunga. I didn’t realise that the sunflowers all have multiple heads. I thought cuma 1 bunga for 1 plant. Seronok tengok bila so many flowers starting to come out on the stalk.

And ini pulak dinner we all malam ni.

Margherita pizza which we ate with scrambled egg and smoked salmon.


There’s only pizza sauce, bocconcini cheese and fresh basil leaves on the pizza but still so yumm…


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