>Twittering hubby


While we were having dinner tadi, tetiba The Other Half said, “guess what? I’m on Twitter now!” Nak tersedak nasi yang I makan tadi!

I tanyalah (dengan berhemah), “why? you get upset when you don’t have that many friends on FB and yet you want to be on Twitter?” Pastu I sambung lah, “Won’t you get upset when no one wants to follow you on Twitter?

Pastu he said, “But I don’t want people to follow me on Twitter. I just want to follow all these people that I’ve been following on RSS anyway. All of them are on Twitter now.”

Suddenly, piped Misses 7 and 11, “we’ll follow you on Twitter Dad!

Itu lagi tragic I rasa bila your only followers are your daughters and your wife, hahahaha…..

Then I said to The Other Half, “you know what… Miss 7 is the perfect candidate to have a Twitter account because she can’t stop talking. She’ll have updates every second if she’s on Twitter!


Pastu The Other Half said to Miss 7, “I’m going to open an account for you on Twitter so we don’t have to hear you talk, We can just read it. Winking smile

Terus muncung muka Miss 7, hikhikhikhik…..

Maybe I can join Twitter to and do garden updates every day, hakhakhakhak….

Ada blog 1 pun kadang2 malas nak jaga, lagi lah Twitter eh Winking smile.

Tadi I pergi tuai my zucchinis after a few weeks tak tuai.

Bila selak2 all the leaves, terkejut gilers I tengok all the zucchinis. They don’t look like zucchinis any more, they look like marrows, besar gilers!.


Nampak macam kecik aje kan…

I kid you not, that big zucchini besar lagi dari lengan I! And my lengan is not kecik mind you! Berat dia 500g!

Jaja, make sure En Zack tuai zucchinis dia nanti tiap2 minggu so tak jadi sebesar lengan dia, hahahahaha….

I’ve already sliced them thinly along with the cucumbers. I’m turning them into pickles esok. Tak tau lah rasa dia macam mana nanti, hehehe.


Ini sunflower yg I ambil gambar on Sat, hari ni dah in full bloom.


Our corns dah makin besar but we don’t know when is the right time to pick them…


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