>Help! The kids are on holidays


The first day of school holidays has finally officially arrived. Kali ni cuti Summer tak lama pulak, only 6 weeks. If I’m not mistaken, last Summer nya holiday was 7 weeks. But that’s ok, less time for me to become a Hulk Smile.

The Other Half kata yang I definitely tak boleh survive this 6 weeks being with the kids day in day out without going mad, hehehehe. I definitely think he’s right there!

Balik dari sekolah semalam pun dah bergaduh budak 2 orang tu yang sungguh lah meng annoying kan I, and the holidays haven’t even started yet!

I know some Mums are super duper organised, they have programs and activities for their kids every single day so their kids won’t have time to get bored. But unfortunately, I’m not that kind of Mum, hikhikhik…

Sian The Little Misses, they have to be satisfied with being bored most of the time during the holidays Smile.

Pagi tadi I’ve taken them to the shops (because the wanted to get something), then I took them to the library and petang ni I’ll be taking them to the pool. So, that’s 1 day activities covered…

But we still have 42 more days to go, hehehehe…..

Last nite I made beef fajitas for dinner (all from a pack except the beef, onion, capsicum n yoghurt).



And ini pulak almond biscotti yang I made to give to the teachers.

I got the recipe from here. Biscotti ni recipe dia tersangat lah simple nya but nak membuatnya yang leceh because you have to bake it twice and cut it thinly. I didn’t cut it thinly sebab I like the thicker version.


You can subs the almond with other nuts if you don’t like almond.

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