>Miss 7 singing the song


As promised, video Miss 7 nyanyi lagu 12 day of Christmas the Aussie version.

I have to warn you though, it’s a looong video. Ye lah kan, 12 hari nya presents so mesti lah panjang berjela nak nyanyi, hehehe. I yang tukang pegang video pun sampai naik penat. Nasib baik dah makan choc chip cookies before sessi ambik video, so tak lah hypo I, hehehehe…..

So, jom ramai2 join dia nyanyi. Lyrics lagu ada kat previous entry ye! Hikhikhikhik….

Her suara a bit lain sebab she’s got a cold. I know her hair is very messy but memang selalu macam tu bila dah petang. Sikat pagi, kejap aje dah messy balik Smile.

Miss 11 tak join nyanyi sebab she went to work with The Other Half. I spent the day with Miss 7 pegi shopping, helped her bake choc chip cookies and made this video with her.

Sekali sekala kena separate them so tak lah gaduh aje!


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