>It’s a wonderful milestone


It is our 15th wedding anniversary today (bersamaan dengan Mak Pak The Other Half’s 41st wedding anniversary jugak).

Bila I Google about 15th wedding anni. symbols, I found that it is crystal for this year, while roses are the flowers and ruby as the gemstone.


I don’t know what to do with crystals in any form especially vases, bowls, candle holders or glasses. I know they are pretty as ornaments and ocasionally to bring out when entertaining. But we don’t entertain much and I’ll be upset if anyone breaks my crystal glasses, hehehehe.

Roses pulak nya… When I told The Other Half that it’s roses for the 15th year. He answered, “you’ll be upset if I give you the roses I picked from the front garden!” And Miss 7 piped, “you’ve already got so many roses in the garden. why do you want more?” 

Memang betul2 keluarga tak romantik lah! Hikhikhikhik…..

And when I told him it’s ruby as the gem. He said, “I am so far advanced in that department. I gave you a ruby ring a few years ago, remember. And you don’t even wear it that often…

Betul gak apa yg dia cakap tu. I dont wear jewelleries that much. (luckily I just happened to be wearing the ring today, hahaha).

And our romantic dinner together had to be postponed until Jan sebab the restaurant is fully booked until Jan! Tu lah, sape suruh book lambat, hehehe…

We were so so very young once…… hahahahahaha….


Everytime we look at this photo, we’ll burst out laughing, gelak gilers2 tu!

Everyone else bila tengok wedding photos diaorang will go ooh and aah and senyum memanjang. Kita orang gelak gilers! hahahahaha….

Happy 15 years (give or take Winking smile) together dearest hubby. May we have many more wonderful years together.


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