>Esok dah boleh bukak presents :-)


We were planning to have a picnic by the Swan River on Christmas Day. Last year, we were in M’sia and the year before we went for Christmas breakfast. The previous years we went picnicking which was fun.

Tapi, the BOM said that it’s going to be 38°C tomorrow! Takdelah we all nak teruskan plan berpicnic itu in that kind of weather. I can imagine the headache that will develop, the flies that will be in abundance and the perit sakit kulit kena ‘gigit’ matahari.

Lagi seronok duk kat rumah under the aircond, let me tell you. But we might have a picnic kat lawn belakang rumah when the temperature has dropped a bit Smile. Nasib baik ada lawn kan, hikhikhik….

The Little Misses dah so excited tak sabar tunggu esok sebab a big parcel from Nana n Pop containing presents arrived a few days ago. Tapi…present untuk I takde..sob sob..sob. Obviously I haven’t been good this year tu yang tak dapat presents, muahahahaha.

Macam manalah nak dapat presents from them, kita orang pun tak bagi presents kat diaorang Smile.

If we were still in Adelaide, memang selalunya Christmas Day would be spend kat rumah Nana n Pop dari pagi sampai malam lah.Dah we all aje anak beranak diaorang kan so kenalah spend the whole day there.

(but The Other Half n I lagi suka raya Christmas kat Perth dgn kitaorang ber 4 aje, hehehe).

Malam tadi I made pizza for dinner, it was too hot to eat anything else Winking smile.



I buat extra large size kot sebab 1/4 piece pun dah sebesar dinner plate. I makan 1/4 piece ‘sahaja’, hehehe.

Pastu I buat plum crumble for dessert, makan dengan vanilla ice cream. I got the recipe from here.


The plum was a bit tart tu yang kena makan dengan ice cream.


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