>Christmas Part 1


Thank goodness they didn’t wake us up at 6 o’clock to open the presents! I guess after being warned by us last nite not to wake up early, they knew better, hehehe.

Pastu I told them to have a shower n breakfast first, baru boleh open the presents (memang Mum diaorang ni saje je mengajar diaorang erti kesabaran, hehehe).


Oops, kenalah ambik gambar dulu kan sebelum opening the presents Smile. (sabar….sabar….. hehehe)



Opening them one by one… Miss 11 showing off what Nana n Pop gave her (one of the presents that they gave Winking smile).

Thanks Nana n Pop for such wonderful presents!

They are very happy with what they got this Christmas and have been playing and reading them the whole day. Senyap rumah sekejap…

What did I get for myself? (Not for Christmas mind you but sebab tengah sale giler2 sekarang ni Smile)

Wii JustDance and Ipanema Giselle flip flop. Konon2 tengah Summer kan so kenalah bergaya dengan flip flop. The Other Half tanya, kalau pakai flip flop biasa takde nama tak boleh ke bergaya. I kata bila lagi nak pakai flip flop ada nama sikit kalau tak masa tengah sale ni, hehehehe.

And dah puas we all berpeluh2 menari with that Wii JustDance tu, memang sangat2 bagus to use as a means to shake off this stubborn weight especially around the tummy area. But sambil menari sambik gelak terbahak2 tengok the other persons menari. We are definitely a rhythmless family lah, hehehe….



Kiranya Summer ni I’ll be using my presents sangat2 lah kan Smile. Kalau I asik pose tunjuk kaki, you all tau lah apasal, muahahaha.

Luckily we didn’t go ahead with the picnic plan hari ni. The temperature got up to 40.6°C and increasing! Our aircond tak berhenti bekerja since pagi tadi.

Next entry I’ll show you what I made for our Christmas dinner ye (something I’ve never cooked before so tak tau lah sedap ke tak, hikhikhik)


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