>Last entry for 2010 and filled with photos as usual


It’s the last day of the year. And as usual, we feel like the year has gone by so quickly kan.

I guess with us, 2010 was a biggish year because The Little Misses started at a new school and we became house owners.

Bila dah ada blog ni, it is so easy to jog back our memories to what we’ve done throughout the year Smile. No more “I can’t remember what we did yesterday, let alone a few months ago” talks. Nowadays it’s “Just go and look in my/your blog” talks, hehehe.

And my blog pun dah nak sambut it’s 3rd birthday kejap lagi. Entah hapa hapa lah yang I dah typed down for the past few years. Kadang2 teringin jugak I nak read all my previous entries but bila tengok that it’s 900 entries yang I kena baca, terus tak jadi, hikhikhik.

But 1 thing I know, my blog ni penuh dengan gambar which sometimes made people complained sebab lambat sangat nak download Smile.

Nak buat macam mana, tuan rumah ni dah di possessed by ‘hantu camera’ so tu yang pergi mana2 and buat apa2 mesti nak ambik gambar untuk masuk blog, hehehe……

Anyway, as the last post of this year, layan aje lah gambar2 below…


The strawberry plant is still producing juicy sweet strawberries even though the temperature has been so unbearably hot the past few weeks.


My mint, growing slowly but steadily.


Yeay, the eggplants starting to fruit Smile


Apa agaknya jenis pokok ni ye? ‘Kar-bas-sage’ namanya, hahahahaha Winking smile. Saje je tanam the sage and basil with the curry plant. Bila pokok kari tu dah besar, the sage and basil would have died anyway.


Seronok tengok kangkung yang I tanam dalam pot ni Smile.

And lastly, sempena the new year…



Miss 7 made this calendar at school hari tu. I put it up above my pc so boleh tengok hari2.

I sungguh2 kembang vontot bila tengok she made my lips ala2 Angelina Jolie tu! Tak ku sangka bibir I bagai di sengat lebah! Ini yang I nak pout lebih2 lepas ni, Muahahaha….

But she said to me tadi, “I’m sorry Mum that I made your mouth that big.” Terus deflated my vontot!

Kalau Freud tengok picture ni kan, mau lah dia analysed kata…

She made your lips big because subconsciously she thinks of you as a bigmouth or someone who nags non stop.


But satu yang I sungguh mushkil….

Apasal dia buat Dad dia sungguh kurus eh? Smile.

To everyone who reads this blog…

Have a Happy New Year and may your year be full of joy, wonders and happiness.


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