>chicken and couscous in the new year


Apa lah we all ni, we welcomed the New Year by waking up at 8.30 pagi! After subuh, selalunya memang tidur balik sebab subuh is so early but I slalunya akan terjaga again around 7 o’clock (kalau weekend). But pagi tadi celik mata tengok jam, dah pukul 8.30, hehehe.

I said to The Other Half, sure heran The Little Misses sebab dah 8.30 tapi takde orang langsung kat dapur. Bila we all keluar, senyap sunyi rumah sebab both of them were still asleep Smile. Ini mesti sebab penat celebrate New Year sakan2 malam tadi kan, hahahaha Winking smile.

How did our first day of the year go?

Macam biasa aje….

Kat Perth ni kan mana ada shopping malls yang bukak during PH so memang takde lah we all melepak kat the shops. Nak keluar pergi playground, malas sangat2 sebab panas.

So, we ended up melepak kat rumah sambil berkebun and The Little Misses terperuk in Miss 11’s room the whole day playing Lego.

What a blissful day Smile.

And since it’s the first day of the year, I konon2nya nak makan something special lah for dinner.

I made roast chicken.


Ish, the tie terbukak dalam oven tu, terus terkangkang aje the legs. Memang tak cun sungguh lah!

And makan the roast chicken with moroccan-style couscous and corn.


I tak boleh telan plain couscous so everytime I masak couscous, memang kena letak segala mcm perisa and spices to bring flavour to the couscous.

I added cooked onion, garlic, diced carrot, diced capsicum, diced zucchini and dried fig to the couscous. And I used coriander n cumin n powdered chicken stock to flavour it. If you want a similar recipe, you can go here. But I tokok tambah the sayur2an ikut my taste lah.


The couscous tasted fantastic with all the flavours infused in it and makan pulak dengan roast chicken and gravy, lagi lah yumm Smile.


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