>Some home truths


A guest on my chat box wrote…

How I wish I’m jobless like you, having more time for blogging. Lucky you kahwin Mat Salleh.”

Let’s dissect it sentence by sentence ye….

1. How I wish I’m jobless like you, having more time for blogging

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true…

I guess the term jobless tu yang I think is a bit condescending. I know some people whe have jobs look down on us stay at home Mums. They think we haven’t got brains or not as highly educated as them, tu yang jadi stay at home Mums (SAHM) aje.

I know a lot of stay at home Mums especially kat OZ ni yang highly educated (and I’m one fo them). But yang funnynya, kat OZ ni they don’t look down on us SAHM.

The Other Half and I made the decision for me to be a SAHM. We made the sacrifice of having less money in our lives to make sure that I can be at home for The Little Misses day in day out especially when they are still at school.

How do we do it, living with less money?

-By living within our means which means no Coach or LV or Prada handbags for me Smile. Basically we don’t buy any top brand accessories or clothes lah for me, for The Other Half or for The Little Misses. We are quite happy not having any of the stuff and I’m not envious of people who can afford to buy all these things. Walaupun tengah sale menggiler, I only buy things that I think are really cheap and that we need/will use and I know we have the money to pay for it.

(sebab tu lah kalau I balik M’sia and jalan with The Little Misses, orang ingat I maid sbb I takde baju, handbag, kasut mahal and tak bermekap lawa2, hahahaha).

-But don’t get us wrong, we do buy named brand necessities like all our white goods and the computers and what nots because we know they last a loooong time.

-We only have 1 car which is not the newest and the latest brand in the market. We’ll be using this same car until it breaks down basically. That’s why we make sure that it gets its 6-monthly service religiously so it can last us a while.

-Our house is not filled with expensive furniture or trimmings. Our sofa set and dining table is nearly 10 years old and we’ve only got 1 sofa set. Tak percaya, you can ask people who’ve come to our house Smile.

-We don’t buy the newest and latest handphones or electronic gadgets. As long as we can talk, sms and occasionally surf the net on the phone, we are happy Smile.

-No overseas or interstate holidays sewenang2 nya. We don’t have that much money to spend on travels. But we make up for it by taking The Little Misses camping, picnicking, bike riding, visiting all the playgrounds Smile. The Little Misses do wish that they can go to all the fun places interstate/overseas but they know that it takes a lot of money to go there so they know they have to wait a long time for it.

-No eating out every night or going to fancy restaurants every week or even every month. Heck, even The Little Misses and The Other Half take packed lunches every day to school and work to cut down on eating out cost. That’s why I try my best to cook really good food and a lot of varieties so we don’t feel like we are missing out.  And so far, they are happy with my cooking and taking lunches Smile.

Bayangkan lah, I and The Other Half got married when we were students so we know what living on a budget is like. I guess that’s why it’s easy for us to adapt to the cheapskate lifestyle again, hehehe.

And I think we are both lucky to have each other who think the same way about money and all the material things. And we are so lucky as well that The Little Misses are the way they are, satisfied with what they have. Alhamdulillah….

Why do you need more time to blog anyway?

Blogging doesn’t take that much time (unless lah you buat entry luahan perasaan like I’m doing tonight. Hah, memang lah makan masa berjela2, hahahaha). I do it when there’s a free time at night after dinner’s done and finished, The Little Misses are reading to themselves and The Other Half tengah lepak2 main games.

Kalau dia kata dia wish to have more time to cook wonderful food every night, takpe lah kan, I can understand, hahaha.

2. Lucky you kahwin Mat Saleh

-Hmmm…. this one memang I tak paham sgt2 apa maksudnya…

Kalau dia maksudkan lucky sebab most Mat Saleh kaya…

Man! I must have married the wrong Mat Saleh then! Muahahahahaha. Kalau laki I kaya raya, takdelah I tulis all of the above right!

Ramai sangat2 lagi weh orang kat M’sia tu yang kaya raya dari we all.

Alhamdulillah, our rezeki is enough for us to live comfortably (by our standards) but definitely not excessively.

Hah, tu lah, sape suruh tulis yang bukan2 kat my chat box, kan I dah tulis entry yang sikit nya panjang.

Jenuh you all nak baca! Hakhakhakhakhak……

Ok lah, I’ll tayang our dinner tonite…


Beef nachos. Makan dengan pickled chilli, sour cream, salsa and shredded lettuce.


One of the things I cook so my family doesn’t feel left out by not eating out Winking smile.


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