>Not a ‘luahan hati’ entry :-)


Heran lah kan, every time I buat N3 luahan hati, mesti ramai yg comment, hikhikhik Winking smile.

Sebab I ‘jobless’ (hahhahaha), boleh lah I spent a few hours hari ni membalas all the comments. Penat weh jari jemari I mengetuk keyboard tadi, dah lah cuma a few fingers aje yang I guna, hehehe.

But I really appreciate all the heart warming comments about that N3. That N3 and that story was about me as a SAHM and why we did it. I can’t vouch if the other SAHMs have the same problems or become a SAHM for the same reasons as me. It’s not meant to be a sweeping statement for every SAHM out there ye.

(So, jangan lah ingat all SAHM tak boleh beli Coach or LV or Prada  or tak boleh pergi travel merata2 or tak boleh pergi makan kat fancy restaurants every week like me/us ye, hehehe).

I guess once in a while, kenalah jugak I dispel all the myths about me being married to a kaya raya Mat Saleh kan, hahaha.

And since semalam I dah buat entry panjang giler, malam ni I tulis sikit aje lah Smile.



I masak sausages, makan dgn spiral potatoes and salad. But ini pinggan The Other Half.

My pinggan yang kat bawah ni


Konon2nya lagi banyak salad dari carbs Smile. Masih giat usaha nak turunkan berat badan!

I ni memang malas nak exercise especially nak start tu. But once dah mula, ok aje, and I usually feel so good after I’ve finished the 30 minute workout. Hopefully, I’ll be good lah with the exercise routine sepanjang Summer holidays ni.


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